How to get a Manufacturing Business Ready for Dynamics 365

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Small and mid-sized manufacturers squeaking by with entry-level software such as QuickBooks or Excel spreadsheets have questions. For example, is our software slowing us down, and how do we know when to upgrade to a full-service ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Your basic tools may have served you well when you started your business. But as your company grows, you'll begin to run into limitations. Sometimes, they will be minor, such as giving reports based on spreadsheets. Or the limitations may be much more significant in terms of functionality. Manufacturers and distributors particularly need advanced capabilities. A full-service ERP can handle all the technical chores and keep you up to date on your company's performance, and its advanced analytics will provide the data you need to make strategic decisions.

Have You Outgrown QuickBooks and Spreadsheets? Dynamics 365 is a Great Alternative

QuickBooks and spreadsheets served their purpose. They are inexpensive,  easy to implement, and relatively user-friendly. They are basic tools for organizing sales, inventory, purchases, and general ledger. You can monitor general activity, track cash, and produce financial statements.

However, crucial KPIs (key performance indicators) become more valuable as your company expands and transaction volume increases. A gut feeling is no longer enough to present to customers, vendors, and stakeholders. They want some hard data, and you'll need to have it available 24/7. This need for real-time data and advanced Business Intelligence prompts many business owners to consider upgrading to a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.

QuickBooks to Business Central

You Might Need an ERP Solution If…

If your current systems cannot provide you with the decision-making information you need when you need it, that's an indication that you require a more advanced tool.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to establish the parameters for your unique KPIs and provides an intuitive dashboard to monitor critical details in real-time. Dashboards allow you to see data such as sales orders today or this week, inventory levels, cash position, and all the critical factors that illustrate the health and performance of your business.

If you find your teams performing workarounds to get the needed information, it's time for Dynamics ERP. For manufacturers and distributors using QuickBooks, the necessity of bringing in outside solutions to handle the more complex aspects of production and warehousing is a sure sign that you could benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365BC.

Manufacturers, Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365BC:

Operations Management

With Business Central, you can track your production with serialization, lot tracking, BOMs, routes, and work centers.

Optimize your operations and keep your teams moving. Business Central even does warehouse management.

Reporting and KPI Tracking in Dynamics 365

Business Central gives you the data you need, all in one place, with:

  • Easy-To-Use Dashboards
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Processing, Packaging, and Shipping Details
  • Complete Quality Standards Compliance
  • Quick Product Identification
  • Centralized Document Management

If you've started to notice that your current systems are not supporting your business and allowing you to grow, it's time to consider a change. Contact our ERP experts at Innovia Consulting, and let us show you how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can take your manufacturing or distribution business to the next level.

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