Using integrated automation tools in Dynamics 365 to ease pain points

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When most people think of automation, they think of greater efficiency — and to be sure, that’s one of the biggest reasons to automate time- and resource-intensive processes. But these digital tools can offer benefits you might not have considered, especially when you use solutions from Avalara to manage tax and other regulatory obligations. (The best part? They integrate seamlessly with your Dynamics 365 ERP.)

  • Risk reduction. Tax regulations are different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, which can be challenging if you’re looking to grow your business by entering new markets. And don’t forget that your existing markets can change their rules, too.
  • E-invoicing support. Speaking of regulations, many countries mandate the use of e-invoices — and unfortunately, taking a regular invoice and saving it in a digital format won’t meet those requirements.
  • Growth potential. Manually managing tasks and processes that can be automated carries a cost — because the people handling those things could instead be pursing initiatives that are more profitable for your business.

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