New AI Invoice Data Capture Tool Available for Microsoft Business Central Users

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A new AI powered invoice process solution for Microsoft D365 Business Central is a truly transformative piece of technology for accounts payable pros.

LANSING, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 12, 2023 -- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users can now process vendor payments faster and more accurately with the release of Fidesic AP’s direct integration for Business Central, Fidesic announced today.

Fidesic AP has long been a go-to invoice processing solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP, and the easy-to-use solution is now available for existing and future D365 users. Get the app from or directly from Microsoft AppSource here: Accounts Payable Automation for Business Central on AppSource

“We’ve been working in the Business Central space since 2021 using third party integration tools, but our new native integration is perfect,” said Kevin Pritchard, Fidesic AP’s Head Product Manager. “We know from long experience in the GP world that seamlessly integrating to ERP is essential to help users get the most value out of their invoice processing tools. Now we are delivering the same best-in-class performance for BC that the Dynamics community has come to expect.”

Recent announcements from Microsoft have assured the Dynamics ERP community that Dynamics GP will be supported for years to come and Fidesic is committed to delivering leading AP software for Dynamics GP for the long haul (Dynamics Great Plains Accounts Payable Solution). Those users who decide to make the transition to Business Central can rest assured their go-to accounts payable tools will migrate with them.

Fidesic AP offers AI powered invoice data capture and unrivaled multi-entity invoice processing capabilities for BC with intuitive workflows for better tracking and visibility. Fidesic works directly with Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management Solution. Learn more about the solution here: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Accounts Payable

Fidesic’s AP Automation Solution is the most efficient way to visualize and manage the entire multiple-entity management accounts payable approval process inside D365 BC, with flexible fulfillment services for Electronic Payments or Paper Check.

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