Dynamics Copilot: How Six AI Experts Save Hours Every Day

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In today's busy professional world, it's essential to find effective and innovative solutions. One of the most promising avenues for this is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Below, we unpack a series of real-world examples and takeaways from industry leaders who have successfully integrated AI into their workflow.

Key Takeaways and Examples
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1. Synthesizing Important Information

Who’s Doing It: Jaime Teevan, Microsoft Chief Scientist
How It Works: Jaime transforms pre-read documents for meetings into poems. She discovered that this helps her process information more effectively and even makes the preparation process enjoyable.
Why It Matters: AI can be programmed to perform similar tasks, turning dry material into engaging content, whether it's poetry or prose inspired by Shakespeare or your favorite rapper.

Dynamics 365 Finance Caf2Code Copilot AI

2. Automating Outlines and Reports

Who’s Doing It: Sumit Chauhan, Microsoft’s CVP, Office Product Group
How It Works: Sumit used Microsoft 365 Copilot to compile information from multiple sources into a comprehensive outline, saving him a significant amount of time and effort.
Why It Matters: By automating data gathering, AI frees up time for strategic and creative work.

Dynamics 365 Finance Caf2Code Copilot AI

3. Gaining Diverse Perspectives

Who’s Doing It: Eric Horvitz, Microsoft’s Chief Scientific Officer
How It Works: Eric used AI to suggest alternative hypotheses for a paper on fluctuating methane levels, providing fresh angles on a complex issue.
Why It Matters: AI can offer new perspectives and insights on challenging problems, acting as a kind of 'scientific advisory co-pilot.'

Dynamics 365 Finance Caf2Code Copilot AI

4. Injecting Creativity Into Your Work

Who’s Doing It: Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the Digital Economy Lab, Stanford Institute
How It Works: Erik used GPT-3 to rewrite his talk for the National Bureau of Economic Research in the style of Taylor Swift, making it both engaging and insightful.
Why It Matters: AI can spice up even the most mundane tasks, transforming them into creative opportunities.

Dynamics 365 Finance Caf2Code Copilot AI

5. Bridging Communication Gaps

Who’s Doing It: Pamela Mishkin, Researcher, OpenAI
How It Works: Pamela uses ChatGPT to adapt her communication style to better suit her manager, tailoring her language to sound more professional.
Why It Matters: AI can serve as an intermediary for bridging communication styles, and enhancing team collaboration.

Dynamics 365 Finance Caf2Code Copilot AI

6. Making Meetings More Efficient

Who’s Doing It: Sam Schillace, Microsoft’s Deputy CTO
How It Works: Sam employs closed captioning in Teams meetings to create AI-powered summaries, which serve as a structured log for future reference.
Why It Matters: AI can streamline meetings by auto-generating summaries, allowing for more efficient follow-ups.


AI is more than a buzzword; it's a tool that, when used correctly, can significantly boost both efficiency and creativity in the workplace. Whether you are looking to synthesize complex information, gain fresh perspectives, or inject a dose of creativity into your daily tasks, AI has got you covered.

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Information sourced from Microsoft.

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