Find Out Where Your Dynamics 365 Business Central Users Are Struggling

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My users tell me that Dynamics 365 Business Central is confusing and they are struggling with the application.
But… I have no idea how to help them because I don't know where they are struggling..??

Heard that before?

This happens to organizations running either BC out of the box or companies that have their own products built using Business Central.

Transparency into actual user behavior is worth it's weight in gold!

The answer to this pain point:
Deploy the combination of Microsoft Clarity and VisualSP to get complete 'clarity' (pun intended) into your user behavior analytics.

Dynamics BC heat map

Dynamics BC heat map showing where users are clicking in an interface


With MS Clarity and VisualSP, you can observe user behavior such as dead clicks, rage clicks, quick backs, popular pages and so much more. It's all visible in Microsoft Clarity and VisualSP.
Note: if you have heard of or use HotJar or Crazy Egg, this is the same type of solution with the difference being that Clarity is backed by Microsoft and is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

With the combination of Microsoft Clarity and VisualSP, you get a bird's eye view of exactly what's going on in your environment. No more guessing to figure out where the problems are.

The session recordings show you the actual mouse movements and the clicks of your users.

A bit freaky right!

Don't worry. You can mask the info and the usernames to have it be fully compliant with the law And still get great insights into the actual usage of your Business Central based environment.

And remember… these types of recordings as well as heat maps can be taken for not just Business Central out-of-the-box but any other application that is built using BC as well.

Ready to implement VisualSP and Microsoft Clarity in your environment?

Reach out to us at VisualSP and we'll show you how to setup this magical solution.


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