Dynamics GP & POS (RMH) Integration by x2x-eCommerce

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Dynamics GP & POS (RMH) Integration by x2x-eCommerce is a versatile product. Retail Management Hero (POS) to Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration is a powerful mechanism to update the master data and retail sales and purchase transactions between the two systems.

Why x2x eCommerce for RMH to Microsoft Dynamics GP (ERP/POS) Integration?

Businesses using a Point of Sale (POS) solution like Retail Management Hero or RMH at their retail stores experience difficulty in updating data to their backend ERP. Moreover, not only updating the data but the error-free data without compromising the security of their accounting data is a real challenge.

x2x RMH to Dynamics GP integration solution automates the processes by creating a bi-directional relationship between the two systems. The master data including items, inventory, customers, and vendor data synced between the two systems at regular intervals. Also the sales, purchase and inventory transactions from the RMH POS stores are automatically posted in Dynamics GP. This results in the smooth operations and provides the performance statistics of the retail operations to the Management through the analytical reports available in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Features of Dynamics GP & POS (RMH) Integration by x2x-eCommerce

x2x RMH and Microsoft Dynamics GP integration solution integrates entities including Customers, Vendors, Items, Sales, Purchases, Inventory transfer, and adjustments. Further details of features are as under:

Customer Management:
  • Integration enables Dynamics GP customers creation in RMH including the customer information and the credit limits.
  • Customers in RMH at the Point of Sale can also be created in Dynamics GP if desired.
  • Integration updates the changes like Customer Name, Address, or Credit Limits in GP to RMH.
  • Map Dynamics GP price levels with RMH Price, Price A, Price B, Price C, and MSRP.
  • Changes in prices in Dynamics GP updates in RMH at regular intervals.
  • Integration is capable of handling both the Standard and Extended Pricing modules of Dynamics GP.
  • Create Microsoft Dynamics GP items in RMH.
  • Information includes item number, description, cost, and UOM in created items.
  • Changes in the item information in Dynamics GP are automatically updated to RMH.
  • Manage Walk-in sales  sales to AR customers and sales to Named Customers at a store in Dynamics GP  with ease.
  • Also the sales returns from RMH are posted individually in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • This option allows the creation of the receipt of the inventory purchased from the vendor/suppliers.
  • Purchase integration ensures that the inventory is updated on both sides.
  • Integrate the Microsoft Dynamics GP Vendors to RMH.
  • Vendor integration is critical to ensure that the GP Vendors are available at the time of creating and receiving transactions in GP.

x2x Microsoft Dynamics GP and  Retail Management Hero Integration not only automates business tasks but also reduces the human interaction which reduces the errors. Furthermore, the real time information helps in inventory planning ahead of time. Make x2x-eCommerce your integration partner for seamless digital transformation.

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