AI, the Cloud, and Digital Adoption Are the Keys to Business Success

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Surprising Truths on AI & Digital Adoption

Business processes have changed dramatically in recent years. Increasingly sophisticated technologies coupled with the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic have hastened the emergence of AI, the Cloud, and digital adoption.

This pivotal point in time has changed how companies operate and communicate internally and globally. As businesses expanded their reach to accommodate remote workers and additional offices, the use of digital tools for communication and collaboration increased significantly.

The advent of AI, the Cloud, and digital adoption technologies could impact your company in unexpected ways. The changes can be exciting for employees, but they also have some sticking points. A significant challenge with moving to a mobile workforce is not having in-person contact, especially when training employees and building rapport and trust with clients.


Four challenges and a solution to meet them

What is the impact of AI and the Cloud on digital adoption? What should you consider as the potential implications for digital adoption? Chris Gherardini, of Turnkey Technologies, examines these questions with Joachim Schiermacer (CEO ClickLearn) and Rick McCutcheon (Microsoft MVP) on the Digital Adoption Talks podcast. They outline what to look out for when instituting AI, the Cloud, and digital adoption. These are some of the major challenges to consider:

1: Cloud-based collaboration tools could replace live contact

Employee adoption becomes increasingly important as companies transform to AI and cloud computing. Collaboration tools, project management tools, and CRM platforms for communication and data capture are essential in a completely digital cloud model where everything is accessible from everywhere. However, reliance on these tools has also caused diminished contact with real people, and that can compromise trust and rapport.

2: AI-generated content could compromise content quality

AI is changing a lot in the business world, and companies must consider how this will affect digital adoption among their workforce. The expansion of AI may be the biggest game changer in the next few years, and some are concerned about the dilution of content quality due to the abundance of computer-generated content.

3: Incremental knowledge and visualization are crucial for effective digital adoption

The evolution of technology is leading to a new way of communicating and engaging with people. Technology Partners must change how they communicate with and educate their clients. They should use the dual approach of incremental knowledge and visualization in educating technology users about digital transformation. Also, Partners must have a coherent plan for driving user adoption.

4: Keep in mind the value of the human connection

As you proceed with AI, the cloud, and digital adoption technology, it is essential to acknowledge the importance of human connection and rapport-building, even as you rely more on digital tools and AI.

Businesses are bringing back live conferences as they recognize the importance of building trust with clients and colleagues. And the role of partners in this process is crucial. Trust remains the foundation of business success, and building that trust is essential.

Impact of AI and the Cloud podcast episode
Hear more about the latest on digital adoption, AI, and the Cloud on the Digital Adoption Talks podcast.












Improve digital adoption with evergreen documentation.

70% of all software implementations are unsuccessful, and a key reason is poor user adoption. Although digital transformation should boost effectiveness and workflows, most never deliver the promised results. Failure is often due to an inefficient or unstructured user adoption strategy.

Why do users struggle to adopt new technologies?

  •  People don't like change.
  • Employees will resist change if they don't get the help they need.
  • One-time training or complex manuals don't always work.

Introducing ClickLearn digital adoption and user training in one solution

ClickLearn is a digital adoption platform. It starts by capturing work processes in enterprise software and auto-produces learning content in 7 formats and 45 languages.  A customizable e-learning portal saves the content. Finally, it helps keep content and documentation evergreen and up-to-date with the unique Replay functionality.

Auto-producing and maintaining training material with minimal effort isn't as complex as you might imagine. It's entirely possible to deliver a full,  evergreen e-learning experience that guides end-users within your live system with a virtual assistant.

ClickLearn helps you succeed by:

  • Writing the user instructions for you​
  • Producing training in multiple formats, including video
  • Updating documentation and training automatically
  • Delivering on-screen guidance inside your applications
  • Providing a complete eLearning portal
  • Recording documentation across all your platforms
  • Getting ClickLearn up and running quickly

ClickLearn is the market-leading solution for automatically creating training material and documentation for enterprise software, including Microsoft Dynamics. Contact our experts today to see how Clicklearn can benefit your business.

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