How 365WineTrade and Dynamics 365BC Simplifies Regulatory Compliance

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The wine and spirits industry is highly regulated, so those in the wine trade must deal with various compliance challenges. Tracking and managing the numerous steps with manual calculations and reporting in Excel and third-party software is time-consuming and risky. If you are a wine producer or a wine and spirits distributor, 365WineTrade from Western Computer is the solution you need for your industry’s unique compliance tracking and reporting requirements. We’ll address some compliance challenges and show how our integrated cloud-based ERP solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central makes compliance much easier and more reliable.

Multi-State Governance

Each of the 50 United States has its own rules and regulations governing wine and spirits production and distribution. If employees are assigned to track and enforce the various codes manually, your entire company and brand could be at risk. Mistakes could easily be made, and the wrong products sold to businesses in the wrong states. The states have an interest and incentive to identify producers, distributors, and importers that fail to comply with their rules and hit them with heavy fines.

365WineTrade makes it easy to organize, manage, and comply with the various regulations, taxes, reporting, labeling requirements (COLAs), state price postings, discount thresholds, etc., for each state within one database and system. 365WineTrade with Dynamics 365 BC enables you to centralize and automate traceability and compliance from start to finish.

Automated Tax Calculations

365WineTrade’s automatic tax calculations and reporting for local, state, and federal taxes are a huge time saver for wine producers and distributors. You can handle everything from local beverage taxes to federal excise taxes within one system. 365WineTrade also manages bonded locations and 702 reporting for producers.

Detailed Traceability

In some cases, you’ll need to present details of transactions and exports to regulatory bodies. Locating and consolidating those details is extremely difficult when done manually. An integrated ERP solution like 365WineTrade will be a significant advantage. The technology will automatically track each transaction at a detailed line-item level. Back up your claims of what you shipped, the amount, to whom, and when. You can access any level of detail quickly and accurately.

DTC Compliance

If you have a DTC (Direct to Consumer) platform, it’s likely to handle many aspects of your DTC sales processes. However, if you sell in an omnichannel model, having a consolidated, time-tracked record of everything sold and shipped is crucial. This applies whether the product sold was on your website, in your tasting room, or out of your 3PL warehouse. 365WineTrade integrates with your DTC platform data, so revenue is registered correctly, and you can validate the time and volume of shipments to all states.

If you use industry third-party software for compliance, we can also integrate that so you will have everything in one location.

Learn more about simplifying compliance with 365WineTrade

Our experts at Western Computer understand that compliance is critical but complex. It’s our goal to empower wine and spirits producers and distributors with sophisticated yet effortless solutions to their unique challenges. No matter what, where, how, or to whom you sell, we have a solution for you. Contact Western Computer today, and let’s discuss how we can help.

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