What Options are Available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC for Manufacturing

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Manufacturers, do you want to produce products more efficiently? Do you clearly understand your costs for materials, labor, machine time, and overhead? Would you like to optimize the scheduling of personnel and machines to cut down on expenses and meet customer deadlines? If so, you can benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (365 BC) for Manufacturing.

The more data sources you have, the more scattered your data becomes. With your accounting system completely separate from your manufacturing operations software, you'll always have a high lag time between job completions, shipments, and finance updates.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is built with the manufacturer in mind to keep everything you need together. The system incorporates Finance, Manufacturing, and Inventory Tracking in one convenient interface.

So, how can you get the most from your Dynamics 365 BC for Manufacturing?

At Innovia Consulting, we have worked with manufacturing clients for over 35 years. Many of our consultants have extensive backgrounds in the industry, so we know manufacturing from the ground up and have first-hand knowledge of manufacturing software. We'd like to share some factors we consider when helping our clients choose the right software solutions for their companies.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, there are options for integrating manufacturing operations within your ERP and getting the most out of your system:

  • Base Microsoft Dynamics manufacturing (kitting and assembly)
  • Advanced Microsoft Dynamics manufacturing (production orders, routing, machine schedules, etc.)
  • Third-Party Apps for enhancing the core functionality of Business Central

Base Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Manufacturing

The license for Base Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Manufacturing is referred to as the Essentials version. Along with Dynamics 365 BC's core functionality for financials, order processing, purchasing, etc., Dynamics 365 BC Manufacturing also gives you Jobs, Resources, and Assembly (kitting) functions. If you are a job shop or light manufacturer or have a straightforward approach to production, the Base version of Dynamics 365 BC may be just what you need.

The cost of Dynamics 365 BC Essentials is 30% less than the Premium version, and setup is usually less complex, so you'll save time and resources on implementation. You can add functionality with a third-party scheduling solution app or upgrade to the advanced Premium license for Dynamics 365 BC.

Advanced Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Manufacturing

The license for Advanced Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Manufacturing is the Premium version. With Premium, you'll receive more robust manufacturing, service management, and warehousing capabilities, plus all the functionality of the Essentials version. If your business needs complete bills of material, machine costs, routings, warranty management, etc., you should consider this version of Business Central.

The majority of Innovia's manufacturing clients benefit from the Premium license. If your company requires even more advanced features, Microsoft offers an excellent array of feature-rich apps.

Third-Party Apps

A great strength of the Microsoft ecosystem is the wide variety of apps that extend Dynamics 365 BC functionality. Over two-thirds of Innovia's manufacturing clients use one or more third-party apps to meet their exact needs and achieve their production management goals.

Check out some of our favorites on our partner's page, or find the complete listing of apps on Microsoft AppSource. AppSource, the online marketplace for Business Central, currently features 1300 apps that extend Business Central's functionality in any way you can imagine.

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Choosing the Right Option for Your Manufacturing Business

Now that you've learned about some options, how can you tell which is best for your company? No two businesses are exactly alike in their processes, products, procedures, and goals. What works for one manufacturer may not be ideal for all. The key to making a strategic choice is having a partner with significant manufacturing experience who can expertly explain your options and help you choose wisely.

The right partner with the right experience can significantly affect how well your manufacturing solution in Business Central works.

At Innovia, our Customer Success Managers have decades of manufacturing experience to assist our clients. These non-billable team members work closely with you to understand your needs and recommend viable options. We take the time to understand your business. Our team can guide you in determining the best fit for your manufacturing company's production environment.

Interested in more information about our approach? Contact us by calling 800-834-7700 or emailing sales@innovia.com. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals and see how we can help you get the most from Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC for Manufacturing.

By Innovia Consulting, www.innovia.com


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