Vicinity Software 4.43 For MS Dynamics 365 Improves Batch Manufacturing Productivity

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In the fast-paced world of batch and process manufacturing, staying ahead of the curve requires adaptable and innovative software solutions. Vicinity Software's latest release, version 4.43, does just that by introducing a range of new features aimed at enhancing your experience with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics SL (Solomon). This update focuses on improving record locking, streamlining data management, and accommodating longer lot numbers. Let's delve into the specifics of these exciting enhancements.

Read-only Lock on Batch/Component/Formula Entry Systems for Dynamics 365

One of the most notable additions in the Vicinity Software 4.43 release is the read-only lock functionality for Batch Entry, Component Entry, and Formula Entry. In scenarios where multiple users are simultaneously accessing the same record, this feature ensures data integrity and prevents conflicts. Here's how it works:

  • Scenario: User A opens a record.
  • Parallel Access: While User A has the record open, User B attempts to access the same record.
  • Lock Notification: User B receives a message in the status bar indicating that the record is locked by User A.
  • View and Modify: User B can view and make changes to the record, but any changes made cannot be saved until the record is unlocked by the original user (User A). The original user can release the record simply by closing the corresponding record.

This read-only lock mechanism provides transparency and control over who is working on a particular record, promoting collaboration without compromising data accuracy.

A New Refresh Button on the Planned Orders Screen

The Planned Orders screen is a powerful and useful tool, offering users an easy way to effectively strategize and orchestrate their production schedules. How does it work?

  • All-in-one View: Aggregates and presents planned production orders generated through MRP, allowing users to evaluate and fine-tune scheduling parameters.
  • Manage Multiple Planned Orders at Once: Users can modify start dates, times, assign orders to specific production cells, and incorporate user-defined attributes, all within a single interface.

By leveraging the inherent flexibility of the Planned Orders screen, users can anticipate bottlenecks and respond dynamically to fluctuations in demand, ultimately contributing to enhanced productivity and smoother operations.

Vicinity Software's commitment to optimizing user experiences shines through with the addition of a Refresh button to the Planned Orders screen. Previously, users had to close and reopen the screen to refresh the displayed data. With the Refresh button, users can stay on the screen and continue working while keeping the data up to date. This enhancement streamlines the workflow and boosts efficiency.

A Functional Enhancement: The Expanded Lot Number Field in Dynamics 365 BC for Batch Manufacturing

For users integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Vicinity Software 4.43 introduces a functional enhancement involving the Expanded Lot Number Field. The Batch Entry Lot number field, previously limited to 25 characters to accommodate integration with Dynamics GP and Solomon, has now been expanded to 50 characters to align with the longer lot number fields in Business Central:

  • Business Central Integration: This enhancement caters to the extended lot number field in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, ensuring seamless compatibility.
  • Greater Flexibility: Manufacturers can now utilize longer lot numbers, accommodating various alphanumeric combinations and descriptive identifiers.
  • Cross-System Consistency: While Vicinity Software adapts to the requirements of Business Central, users of Dynamics GP and Solomon continue to experience smooth integration, as the lot number field is masked to the compatible length.

Vicinity Software's version 4.43 release marks a significant step forward in enhancing the user experience and compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics. The read-only lock feature safeguards data integrity during collaborative work, the new Refresh button simplifies data updates on the Planned Orders screen, and the expanded lot number field ensures seamless integration with Business Central's extended lot number requirements. These improvements reflect Vicinity Software's dedication to providing manufacturers with tools that are adaptable, efficient, and in sync with evolving industry needs.

Remember, innovation thrives on feedback. Vicinity Software encourages users to explore these new features and share their insights for further refinements. With these enhancements, manufacturers can continue their journey towards excellence in production management, empowered by Vicinity Software's cutting-edge solutions.

Would you like to see how Vicinity Software can revolutionize your batch or process manufacturing operations? Contact us today to learn more.


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