Using Telemetry for Dynamics Business Central to Reveal User Activity Data

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Telemetry for Microsoft Business Central is a game changer for those running your IT help desk. This innovative feature in Business Central provides your IT team with a clear picture of the operation of your Business Central environment. Telemetry for Business Central will document any activity, including login, user security, processing, data, performance, user errors, etc. The collected data informs your IT team of the health of your environment, apps, and extensions for faster, more effective troubleshooting and performance optimization.

Microsoft Azure Application Insights presents Telemetry data for analysis via Microsoft Power BI reports. You can set up Telemetry on two levels: Operations events and App and extension events.

A significant benefit of Telemetry for Business Central is that your team needn't rely on end-user communications regarding error messages when they have login or data access problems.

Your system records any errors that occur along with their accompanying messages. Errors might include logins, workflows, data access, application performance, etc. Technicians will see the same error messages that users see, and they will better understand which messages are most helpful.

Main Benefits of Telemetry for Microsoft Business Central

Telemetry for BC allows IT to:

  • Track performance to identify user issues
  • Asses usage of app features
  • Determine performance baselines for comparison during events
  • Gain insight into the nature of errors

Simplify Microsoft Dynamics error logs

With Telemetry, you'll also see simplified error logs, understandable even if you're not a developer. It will be easier to figure out what happens when errors occur and quickly get to the root cause. Telemetry will record all activity, and you can look back at specific periods, whether weeks or minutes after the error occurs.

You can even integrate Telemetry data with Microsoft Power BI to analyze user, department, or company-wide historical errors. Leverage Telemetry and Azure Application Insights to oversee and administer web apps. You can continuously improve application performance and usability by being equipped to detect performance anomalies automatically and see how users engage with the solutions.

Monitor a Wide Range of Dynamics BC Operations 

Besides validating AppSource extension submissions and recording the success and failure of extension publishing, synchronization, installations, and upgrades, Telemetry for Business Central tracks a wide range of often-used operations:

  • User onboarding and permissions activities
  • Database blocks and lock time-outs
  • Success and failure rates of sign-in attempts
  • Inquiry wait times
  • Modifications of configuration or environment
  • Number of page views
  • Email sending failures
  • Numbers and categories of reports generated
  • Job queue creation and execution
  • Table indices added and removed

On top of all that, Telemetry provides cloud migration setup, replication runs, and data upgrade information. Telemetry can also allow IT to authenticate web server access keys and measure the execution time of incoming and outgoing web service requests.

Learn More about Telemetry for Business Central

For a complete review of all the exciting and game-changing features of Telemetry for Business Central and the Azure Application Insights, check the resource pages published by Microsoft. And for help with setting up and managing the telemetry function for your Business Central deployment, contact Western Computer today.

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