Process Automation in GP & Shopify Integration through Scheduler

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Process Automation in GP & Shopify Integration through Scheduler refers to the practice of automating various tasks and processes. This can be achieved by setting them up to execute automatically at predefined intervals using Scheduler. The common processes for which scheduling is used are as under:

Inventory Scheduling:

Scheduling of inventory count or stock level is very important. The inventory count affects the sales, the accurate inventory levels at any given point prevent overselling and underselling situations. Especially in situations where the same item is selling on multiple channels like eCommerce and retail stores then the need for inventory scheduling increases.

Order Scheduling:

Web Order availability in GP is also important for further processing. To ensure the timely availability of orders in an ERP, the scheduler plays an important role. It is also important for quick fulfillment and inventory adjustment.

Product Creation Scheduling:

Any new product created in GP or a bulk catalog is added to the products which need to be available on Shopify also handles by Scheduling the process. As soon as new product added in ERP it will be available on Shopify for selling through automated process.

Price Scheduling:

Similarly, price scheduling is another important aspect of the business. Usually, prices are updated in bulk in an ERP and need to be updated on other channels simultaneously. Automating this process ensures that the prices remain updated. Also, this ensures that the price changes for any specific events like the new year and Christmas will update quickly and revert back once the sale ended.

Fulfilment Scheduling:

Another important scheduling is of fulfilment. As soon as Shopify order completely processes in GP its fulfilment status needs to be updated on Shopify as well. Timely status update saves from repeated action and also from unintended inventory adjustment.

Overall, Process Automation in GP & Shopify Integration through Scheduler is significant for business. This will ensures smooth operations and sales growth. x2x-eCommerce GP & Shopify Integration provides the Scheduling functionality to achieve the desired outcome. Make us your digital partner for the new era of your business.

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