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Simplify Your Journey to Accounts Payable Automation

SimplyAP for Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based accounts payable automation solution that streamlines invoice capture with AI-based OCR, purchase order matching and transaction creation in Business Central. With SimplyAP, you can transform your invoice process from manual to modern and be up and running in less than 2 hours! Companies experience benefits such as 80% reduction in invoice processing costs. With a centralized invoice queue, AP and finance team members gain visibility into invoices and their workflows at every step in the process.

SimplyAP Key Features Include:
  • AI-based Data Extraction
  • Centralized Invoice Queue
  • Powerful Search & Sort
  • Invoice Processing in Seconds
  • Efficient User Management

Unlock the Value of Your Invoice Process

SimplyAP intelligently captures, extracts and matches invoice header, footer and PO line-item data against Business Central, in less than 60 seconds! Eliminate numerous manual steps and simply launch an approval process if necessary

  • Purchase Invoices that need review and approval will be routed based on approval thresholds or selected approvers
  • Increase efficiency with non-PO invoice intelligence coding
  • Approvers will receive a summary email containing a list of invoices assigned to them for review and approval and a direct link to SimplyAP
  • Automatically create invoices in Business Central by removing manual review, validation and approval of purchase order invoices with a straight-through process

Download the complete SimplyAP Overview here.

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