Copilot and Dynamics 365 ERP: A Match Made for Efficiency

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Microsoft intends to enhance the Dynamics 365 ERP applications with AI copilot features, aiming to stimulate productivity by expediting tasks and decisions. 

The upcoming Dynamics 365 Copilot functionalities will be implemented into Project Operations, Finance, and Supply Chain Management. Learn how to use the AI features within Dynamics 365 to maximize the efficiency of your ERP operations.  


Overcome Rigid ERP Processes with AI 

"ERP's rigid and complicated processes create excess workload and inundate departments with repetitive manual data entry," according to Stefanie Dart, Microsoft's Senior Director of Product Marketing. She believes that Dynamics 365 Copilot will assist finance managers, project managers, procurement professionals, and collections agents in completing their time-consuming tasks and deriving insights more quickly. 

The objective of these new capabilities is to allow AI-based instruments to examine worker activities, data, and communications when suggesting interactions or performing tasks. Dart further explained: 

“Copilot enables rapid collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, integrating relevant information into Outlook and Teams using natural language. It also allows users to delve deeper with precise questions to refine and approve changes, enabling them to swiftly adapt their sourcing plans to meet customer and partner demands.” 

Applying AI Copilot Capabilities Across Dynamics 365 ERP 

  1. In Dynamics 365 Finance, collections managers can utilize Copilot for expedited access to customers' credit and payment history, enhancing their communications. 
  2. The forthcoming AI Copilot features for Dynamics 365 Project Operations include: 
    1. Task plan creation: Copilot can generate a new project plan template based on similar projects. 
    2. Drafting project status reports: Copilot uses project KPIs, progress of tasks, service execution data, and financial metrics to compile a written project status report. 
    3. Project risk assessment and mitigation: Copilot continuously monitors the project for risks and proposes mitigation strategies to project managers. 
  3. In Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, employees will receive tools to aid in responding to suppliers and adjusting purchase orders, as well as assessing the impact and risk to make optimal sourcing decisions. 

Microsoft asserts that each of these new copilot tools has the potential to significantly reduce employee workload each time they are employed. 

Enhanced Ordering and Inventory Management with Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management 

In addition to the traditional Dynamics 365 solutions, there are recent updates made to Dynamics 365 IOM. Ordering processes are now far more intuitive and highly predictive, thereby users have insights to inventory in various locations and can place orders automatically based on the available supply. In collaboration with Microsoft’s Supply Chain News Center Module, suppliers can now more efficiently manage their supply chain operations thanks to IOM.  

Microsoft's Continuous Development of Copilot Tools 

Microsoft first released Dynamics 365 Copilot tools in March 2023. These tools primarily spanned CRM-related scenarios but then expanded to include generative AI for products across the Dynamics 365 ERP stack. With powerful technologies and predictive insights, AI and copilot features can further our effective use of Dynamics 365 ERP systems.  

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