Syncing Master Data between Existing ERP & an Established eCommerce Store

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Syncing Master Data between Existing ERP & an established eCommerce Store is very important. Usually, when businesses decide to go for integration they already have a lot of data in both ERP and eCommerce. This data is usually the same as products, customers, etc. but not synchronized with each other.

Product Synchronization:

After the implementation of Integration when the business starts updating product information like inventory and price from ERP to eCommerce its imperative to identify the same product on both platforms. This identification makes sure that the correct data is being transferred to the other system. For creating an identification connection between already existing products in an ERP & eCommerce, x2x eCommerce introduces an additional option. This feature not only makes integration versatile but also makes the integration process smoother and faster to implement.

Customer Synchronization:

Similarly, to establish a smooth flow of data between existing customers in an ERP & eCommerce store the connection needs to be established first. This connection ensures that the correct information is updated to the correct customer on both platforms. Either customer data is updated from an ERP to an eCommerce store or Sales orders are coming from an eCommerce store to an existing ERP customer the identification connection is important. As the Sales history and balances of customers are usually maintain in an ERP. This is a very crucial data, its duplication or incorrect entry  causes issues in accounting and financial reporting.

Product Catalog Synchronization:

Product Catalog is an integral part of eCommerce store. In an ERP, business also categorize product on the basis of certain attributes. The category to which product belong in an ERP should also be the same on an eCommerce store. For this purpose the categories or collection on both platform should be connected with each other. This will ensure that the category exist in an ERP connected to the same category on an eCommerce store for information transfer.

This blog covers why Syncing Master Data between Existing ERP & an established eCommerce Store is crucial and x2x eCommerce solution provides this amazing capability in its integrations. Make us your integration partner for smooth transition to integration.

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