How Power Apps Solved Real-Life Challenges

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Power Apps for Real-Life Challenges


Nearly everyone uses apps daily for entertainment, shopping, and keeping in touch with friends and family. But the true power of apps is their use in business applications that can automate, support, organize, enhance, and empower your business processes and interactions. Microsoft Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, connectors, and a data platform that provides a rapid development environment to build custom apps for your business needs.

Business applications are central to the success of most organizations. They support the efficiency and productivity of your employees and facilitate seamless and successful customer interaction.

With the advancement of low code/no code applications, businesses no longer rely on software developers to impact their business. In fact, Power Apps, with its low-code/no-code technology, has accelerated the digital transformation of even small and mid-size companies.

With Microsoft Power Platform and Power Apps, your company can now use low-code/no-code technology to develop custom applications that fit your needs and address your organizational challenges.

But you're not interested in generalizations. You want to know how Power Apps and the entire Microsoft Power Platform will perform in real-life situations. Let us tell you about Enavate's experience with Power Apps in a crucial situation.

The Challenge: Tracking Information for Team Members in Ukraine 

Ukraine is home to a large Microsoft Dynamics community. At the start of the conflict in Ukraine, our top priority was getting information about the safety of team members and reaching out to assist them.

After numerous emails and phone calls, our practice leaders in Ukraine made an Excel spreadsheet of all employees, their availability, and their present locations. However, this method of tracking and verifying information presented many challenges. For one thing, Excel spreadsheets don't allow you to know when data was updated. So, it's impossible to determine if you have the latest information. Also, if practice leaders were experiencing cell phone or internet connectivity issues, they couldn't guarantee real-time information.

We brainstormed ways to allow employees to update their information while limiting access to team members and practice leaders.

The Solution: Custom Power Apps for Secure, Efficient Sharing 

Our experts at Enavate immediately looked to the Microsoft Power Platform to determine how it could benefit our team in Ukraine. With Power Apps, we built a low-code/no-code app in just three days. This custom app provides a platform for members to share their location and availability safely and accurately without the danger of exposing personal information online.

This is just one example of how Power Platform and Power Apps allow users to design custom applications to meet immediate and personalized needs.

The Outcome: Seamless Information Sharing and Other Advantages  

Our Power App delivered even more benefits than we anticipated:

  • Rapid Implementation 

At Enavate, we planned and executed the development of our Power App within just three days. The fast and accurate implementation allowed our Ukraine team to use the process immediately without interrupting their workflow for testing and troubleshooting.

  • User-Controlled Data Entry 

Our Ukraine team could now enter each employee's location, work availability, and contact information.

  • A Central Data Site  

Practice leads could see the information their team members shared in a central, easy-to-access location. The app also included historical data of team members' previous locales and time stamps of information updates.

  • Seamless Updates and Integration 

When issues or concerns arose with the application, our internal team promptly fixed them and passed along the update without users having to pause work or exit the application.

Also, we could easily add new team members to the application. We established a process flow that automatically added a new team member to the spreadsheet once they appeared in Office 365.

Power Platform tools such as Power BI allowed us to use our data to provide critical updates.

  • Increased Client Trust 

When the war began, clients cared for by our teams in Ukraine could have questioned the wisdom of continuing with Enavate. However, with the data available through our custom Power App, we could communicate our work capability in real-time, building trust and strengthening our client partnerships.

Buoyed by the success of this application, Enavate has developed other applications throughout our company to increase efficiency and productivity. Our HR and sales departments have also developed apps specifically designed for their needs.

We Don't Just Talk the Talk — We Know the Power of Power Platform  

Through the power of the Microsoft Power Platform, we successfully created an application that assisted our team members in Ukraine. At Enavate, we work equally hard to ensure our clients successfully achieve their goals with Microsoft products. We provide the expertise necessary to deliver excellent support, and our team has personal experience using and developing the exceptional products we recommend.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your team leverage the power of Power Apps to enhance your business.

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