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Microsoft Partners, We have launched a 6-question poll series exclusively on LinkedIn to find out how the Dynamics GP Community is preparing for "2028 and Beyond". We're posting a new question every week until Aug. 6, 2023.

Check out and follow here for the current questions #2028andBeyondPoll.

If you have a minute let us know where you stand. Thanks in advance for your help. When we publish the results we will keep your answers anonymous.

We all know Microsoft's current #DynamicsGP roadmap includes support up to "2028 and Beyond". Fidesic is committed to a long future with GP, but we think it's good for the community to know what plans partners have for #2028andBeyond.

We believe the ISV and VAR/SI community can help each other by sharing knowledge.

Results So Far

We will share the results here as they come in, so if you are interested you can check in here.

Question 1: How much of your practice is Dynamics GP?

  • 11 Responses
  • 36% of respondents say more than three-quarters of their business is GP related
  • 55% say less than one quarter of their business is GP related

Question 2: How will you adapt your Dynamics GP practice after 2028?

  • 9 responses
  • 67% say they will move to D365 Business Central
  • 11% say they will move to a non-Dynamics product
  • 22% say they will stick with GP as long as possible

Question 3: How much are you pitching BC or other cloud ERP to your GP Customers?

  • Pending

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