What the Future Holds for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central   

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Microsoft offers a few different ERP options, but Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is preferred for many organizations, due to it being a cloud-focused solution.  

The Power of Business Central 

Most organizations now leverage cloud solutions on a daily basis, and the cloud is only becoming more and more powerful. Business Central’s performance is quite impressive, with: 

  • 84% of session minutes served by machines running within the target capacity 
  • 96% of databases running within the target capacity
  • 90% of the 5 million API calls daily are completed in under 250 microseconds, with only 1% taking more than 5 seconds

The numbers demonstrate the value of moving to a cloud-based ERP like Business Central. 

The Future of Business Central 

Microsoft will continue to invest in Business Central, and the three main spaces they will focus on include: 

  • App Architecture
    With the number of extensions available for Business Central, improvements to app architecture must be made to make it more robust.
  • Customization
    There are scenarios like sorting data or adding certain fields that aren’t possible out-of-the-box and need to be done through third party apps, so improvements to customization will be a focus.
  • Functionality
    Business Central is already great but can be made even better by improving existing experience and functionality, adding new modules, and always thinking of what’s 

Finding a Business Central Partner 

To learn more about implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central and finding the right Business Central Partner, get in touch with EFOQUS today.  

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