Upgrade Your Business with the Intelligence of AI Builder and Microsoft Power Automate

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Are you still relying on manual paper-based processes that consume a lot of time? In today's digital age, it's essential for businesses to modernize and automate their systems to be more efficient and sustainable. Intelligent automation has become a popular trend, and businesses are increasingly turning to smart workflow automation tools to meet their needs.

Microsoft Power Automate provides a unique AI Builder service that optimizes business operations. With AI models, businesses can automate repetitive manual processes. AI Builder has the potential to revolutionize businesses from the ground up.

Transforming business with AI Builder by Microsoft Power Automate

AI Builder by Microsoft Power Automate is smart tool, designed to support businesses where they can create, train, and deploy customized machine learning models without the need of the additional extensive coding capabilities. The user-interface is easy to use so that users can generate automated workflow that can leverage the AI capabilities for multiple tasks including form processing, predictions, object detection, sentiment analysis, and decision-making.capabilities of AI Builder, AI builder advantages, Build with AI, AI builder perks

The usual perception of AI Builder is often associated with the complexity of using and uncertainty regarding the benefits of AI. Microsoft Power Automate and DataVerse (earlier known as Common Data Service – CDS) are two major components of Microsoft which are utilized while using AI Builder. Microsoft is empowering businesses to connect their data but often the business intelligence derived from that data is constrained by the limitations of analysts, who create forecasts and insights. However, Microsoft aims to make AI solutions accessible to business users, even those without data scientists or pro-developers, through a new solution that offers no-code/low-code capabilities like PowerApps. These solutions can be built by Microsoft Power Platform Partners or can now be easily created in-house by businesses themselves.

To access the AI Builder, users can directly use the navigation pane of the Microsoft Power Automate and seamlessly integrate with over 250 PowerApps connectors. Thus, it enables data outputs to be written back to Dataverse. Because of this integration, the integration of AI into flows become quite easy to provide predictions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other connected apps on the Power Platform.

What Is the Need of AI Builder?

AI Builder allows enterprises to use intelligence to simply automate their processes and gain insights from their data. AI Builder is an easy-to-use platform that doesn’t need any coding knowledge or rocket science skills to gain the power of AI. It enables businesses to predict outcome for better functioning and elevate business performance. It also renders capability to build custom models or train the model as per your specific business requirements. AI Builder simplifies daunting, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks to help focus on core business capabilities.

For instance,

- AI Builder can be used to analyse various important documents like invoices. It also enables you to store data in a SharePoint List or a Database.

- Enterprises can simply analyse reviews, feedbacks, and categorize them using various tags like good, excellent, positive, and negative.

What Can Microsoft AI Builder Offer to Business?

Model Creation

With Microsoft's AI Builder, businesses can easily create custom machine learning models using a visual interface. The available models include binary classification, regression, multiple classification, and object detection, among others. Microsoft provides pre-built datasets that can be used to train the models, or users can upload their own data. The process of creating models is straightforward and does not require complex coding or technical expertise, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical skills.

Model Training

The tools available in the AI Builder can be used for training machine learning models with data. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning capabilities can be implemented to train the models. Advanced algorithms and techniques available in Microsoft Azure Machine Learning can be applied to optimize the performance of the models.

Model Placement

After the model is trained, users can deploy AI Builder model to multiple environments, including Power Automate, Power Apps, or any other custom apps. Businesses can integrate the deployed model into the automated workflows or applications. The models can be used to perform form processing, object detection, sentiment analysis, prediction, and intelligent decision-making.

Pre-built Templates

Vast range of pre-built templates are available in the Microsoft AI Builder. Users can use them as is or customize as per the requirements to quickly generate the AI-powered workflows. Multiple use cases are present in these pre-built templates. For example – lead scoring, invoice processing, sentiment analysis, etc. Having pre-built templates make it easy for businesses to get started with AI Builder without starting from scratch.

Integration with Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft has made the integration of Microsoft Power Automate with AI Builder a seamless process as it is a cloud-based service. With AI Builder, users can effortlessly create automated workflows across multiple applications and services. The AI Builder models can be easily integrated into the Power Automate workflow services, enabling users to automate tasks and make intelligent data-driven decisions.

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Microsoft AI Builder is an incredible service, powered by Power Automate. Businesses can create, train, and place customized machine learning models for the intelligent automation of business procedures. With the low-code/no-code capabilities, anyone with limited skills can design the models. Wantto

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