Tax, Payment & Shipping Mappings in x2x-BC & Shopify Integration

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The success of integration depends on the accuracy of data synchronization. To ensure seamless integration, x2x-e-commerce introduces a feature of mappings in its integration solutions. These mappings allow the data translation from eCommerce to ERP platform according to customer requirements & processes. The most important mappings include tax, payment & shipping mappings. Their purpose is defined as under:

Tax Mapping:

There are tax rules and rates specific to the business and regions of operation. Shopify store settings allow configuring tax based on regions, rules, etc. Shopify allows automatic tax calculations based on the customer's location in orders. For successful integration of Business Central with Shopify business needs to ensure that the tax accumulates in correct accounts for reporting purposes. x2x BC-Shopify Integration allows mapping regions with respective general ledger accounts so that when the tax comes from that particular region it will go into the defined account in mapping.

Payment Mapping:

Shopify provides various payment gateway options and also offers its own payment solution (Shopify Payments). Shopify store settings allow configuring the payment gateways that business wants to provide to its customers. For an end-to-end integration the payment gateways of Shopify needs to be accurately mapped with the payment method of Business Central so the payments/sales amount goes to the correct general ledger account defined against the respective payment method of Business Central. Again, this helps in accurate financial reporting. In x2x BC-Shopify integration easily map Shopify payment gateways to respective methods in Business Central for smooth operations.

Shipping Mapping:

Shopify allows to set up various shipping methods, rates, and zones to cater to customers from different locations. Shopify store settings allow configuring the shipping settings according to business requirements. Business Central and Shopify integration by x2x allows to map Shopify shipping methods to the respective shipping methods in Business Central. This allows to accumulate correct data from eCommerce to ERP platform.

Overall tax, payment & shipping mappings between Business Central and Shopify ensures a complete integration between two platforms. This requires careful configuration for consistency and accuracy. Sometimes, depending on the complexity of requirements business may need to seek assistance from experts or a certain level of customization.




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