Sabre Limited ERP & IT Video Roundup - May 2023

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Here are the top videos released by Sabre Limited throughout the month of May. Be sure to follow us on YouTube to stay up to date with the latest trends in ERP and IT for manufacturing.

Sabre Production - Create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order with a Soft link

Sabre Production is Sabre’s collection of utilities for manufacturing companies that’s available in AppSource.

Discover the incredible functionality of Sabre Production as Jenn Claridge, managing director at Sabre Limited, demonstrates how you can effortlessly create purchase orders from sales orders using a soft link. Say goodbye to limitations imposed by native software and embrace a world of enhanced connectivity, drilling down, and establishing connections like never before.

Through this exclusive feature, Sabre Production empowers you to determine the impact of purchase order postings on sales orders, or vice versa, with the option for manual or automatic synchronization. You can effortlessly indicate whether filters should sync together and even generate purchase orders for assembly orders. The advantages of this groundbreaking capability are endless.

Why You Need Cyber Insurance

In the face of escalating cyber threats, the question of whether you need cyber insurance is emphatically answered by Rob Jolliffe, President of Sabre Limited. Drawing from their extensive 25-year history in the manufacturing industry, Sabre Limited possesses unparalleled expertise in cybersecurity best practices critical for manufacturers.

Cybercrime looms larger each day, particularly within the manufacturing sector. A successful cyber attack can inflict severe financial damage, including production disruptions, equipment impairment, and revenue loss. To fortify against these risks, manufacturers can turn to cyber insurance for comprehensive coverage, encompassing costs incurred during downtime, privacy and identity theft protection, and data recovery or re-keying.

Take proactive measures today to bolster your cyber security and safeguard your manufacturing company against the mounting threat of cyber attacks.

Sabre Production - Create Assembly Order from a Sales Order with a Soft link

Join Jenn Claridge, the esteemed managing director at Sabre Limited, as she guides you through the process of creating an assembly order from a sales order using the remarkable soft link feature. With this invaluable functionality, you can easily trace the origin of a sales order and establish a clear connection to the corresponding demand document.

A standout feature of Sabre Production is its ability to simplify the creation of assembly orders while maintaining a reference to their source. This empowers you to effectively manage scenarios where there is a time gap between production and shipment, ensuring that the ordered items are readily available whenever needed.

Whether you're already a user of Business Central, striving to stay updated with the latest advancements, or contemplating the implementation of this platform for your business, this video is an absolute must-watch. Discover the power of Sabre Production and revolutionize the way you handle assembly and sales orders today.

Business Central Service Part 1 - Service Items

In this video, we delve into the realm of Service Items—a distinct category separate from your conventional inventory items. Service items represent customer-owned units of equipment or items that necessitate maintenance or service. Each service item boasts a unique identifier, is linked to a specific customer, location, and ship-to code, and bears a status denoting whether it is installed or temporary. Unlike inventory items, service items do not contribute to the company's inventory evaluation.

Harnessing the potential of service items enables the creation of service orders and contracts, while seamlessly integrating components, skills, resources, and dimensions. Furthermore, the service item log and history meticulously record all service work performed on the item, ensuring a comprehensive and organized record.

Whether you're a current user of Business Central, eager to remain abreast of the latest advancements, or contemplating the implementation of this powerful platform for your business, this video is an indispensable resource. Don't miss the opportunity to unlock the full potential of service items and revolutionize your service management capabilities.

Business Central Service Part 2 - Service Order Creation

Embark on a transformative journey with Jenn Claridge, managing director at Sabre Limited, as she launches the immersive Service Overview series within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

While Business Central offers the option to begin with a service quote, Jenn demonstrates the direct creation of a service order. With a focus on personalization, when initiating a new service order, you can effortlessly select the customer and gain access to customer-specific service items tailored to the designated ship-to location. This streamlined selection process enhances efficiency and accuracy. 

The video emphasizes the significance of categorizing service orders based on priority and type, while showcasing the comprehensive support for service contracts. You'll discover how to seamlessly associate inventory items, including replacement parts, allocate resources, and assign the responsible technician for the task. Moreover, the system allows for the inclusion of costs, miscellaneous charges, and expenses, all of which can be conveniently invoiced to the customer.

Exciting features, such as warranty management, fault and reason codes for troubleshooting, and the ability to exclude certain items from warranty coverage, are also unveiled. With automation at its core, discounts are automatically applied based on warranty conditions. Additionally, the flexibility to incorporate costs and General Ledger (GL) accounts for supplementary items or expenses is seamlessly integrated.

Whether you're a seasoned Business Central user, striving to stay updated with the latest advancements, or contemplating the implementation of this powerful platform for your business, this video is an indispensable resource. Unlock the full potential of service order creation and revolutionize your service management capabilities today.

Business Central Service Part 3 - Service Order Posting and Processing

Step into the third installment of the Service Overview series presented by Jenn Claridge. In this insightful video, Jenn unveils processing a service order and recording associated activities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, including inventory consumption and labor allocation for on-site services performed by technicians.

Businesses can streamline this process by leveraging power apps or specialized Integrated Service Providers (ISPs) such as ExpandIT, automating the workflow and enhancing efficiency.

This video offers a comprehensive overview of critical aspects, including tracking service repairs, entering service quotes and orders, and posting service work within the Business Central environment. The demonstrated functionality simplifies service order management, ensuring accurate documentation of inventory and labor consumption.

Should I Run My ERP In Parallel?

Dive into a thought-provoking video presentation featuring Rob Jolliffe, President of Sabre Limited, as he dives into the intriguing question of whether running an ERP system in parallel is a good strategy. Leveraging his extensive expertise in the field, Rob skillfully dissects the advantages and challenges associated with adopting this approach.

Through practical examples and real-world scenarios, Rob elucidates key points, enabling viewers to grasp the implications of running an ERP system in parallel within their organization. He imparts invaluable insights on the crucial factors that companies should carefully consider when contemplating this strategy, such as the system's size and complexity, its potential impact on operations, and the availability of resources and support.

Irrespective of whether you hold the reins as a business owner, an IT manager, or an ERP system administrator, this video delivers invaluable information that can guide you in making a well-informed decision about whether running your ERP system in parallel aligns with the unique needs of your organization.

How Much Should Computer Maintenance and IT Cost?

With a rich history in IT within the manufacturing industry spanning 25 years, Sabre Limited possesses unparalleled insights into the cybersecurity best practices that are vital for manufacturers.

When it comes to outsourcing computer maintenance, the market price typically ranges from $100 to $150 per computer, encompassing essential services like cybersecurity, help desk support, and preventive maintenance. However, if your small business opts to hire internal IT personnel, it is important to consider the costs associated with hiring and training three distinct roles: an entry-level individual for desktop support, an intermediate professional for proactive maintenance, and a senior engineer for intricate problem-solving and project work. It may prove challenging to find a candidate capable of fulfilling all three roles, and hiring separate individuals can be financially burdensome.

In scenarios where a full-time internal employee is employed for maintenance, it is crucial to anticipate that their expertise may not encompass all aspects of IT work. Consequently, it may be necessary to engage external experts for more complex IT issues.

By leveraging these insights, small manufacturing businesses can optimize their computer maintenance strategies while managing costs effectively. Embrace the expertise of Rob Jolliffe and Sabre Limited to achieve a balanced and efficient IT infrastructure tailored to your business's unique needs.

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