Order Management in x2x Business Central & Magento Integration

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Order Management in x2x Business Central & Magento Integration covers all the key aspects associated with order processing. Sales Orders are the crucial component of Sales and need to be handled efficiently and smoothly from start to end. They are significant for business processing as they represent a formal purchase request made by a customer. The smooth processing of orders increases customer satisfaction and as a result business growth.

Web Order Creation in Business Central:

Create accurate Magento Orders in Business Central with the help of mappings in x2x-eCommerce Integration Solution. Payment, Shipment and tax mappings allow to have correct corresponding accounting information of web orders in an ERP. Moreover, customer creation and syncing, item syncing, and category syncing make sure the correct data of web orders are coming in an ERP.

Handling of  Payment Authorization & Paid Orders:

Integration is capable of handling both scenarios of paid or authorized financial status of orders. Either payment is authorized and released after the invoice is generated in Business Central; or the order is paid and payment needs to be accommodated as soon as the order creates in Business Central. x2x-eCommerce manages to handle the later scenario as well with add-on.

Order Processing & Fulfilment Upload to Magento:

After creation of Magento Sales order in Business Central, the next step is to process it, means shipping & invoicing in Business Central. Integration allows to update shipment and invoice to Magento store for the completion of order processing.

Bulk Update or Automation of Operations:

x2x Integration allows to create web orders in ERP through order download option or schedule order creation at regular time intervals through Scheduler. Similarly, for shipment and invoice creation on Magento, user choose to upload multiple entities at a time or schedule the process. Scheduler check after set time interval if there are pending orders on Magento so integration will take them to ERP. Also, scheduler checks if there are pending shipments & invoices in Business Central then integration will update them to Magento.

These are some key aspects of Order Management in x2x Business Central & Magento Integration. For complete details and information do connect with us. Book a demo and make us your integration partner for a smooth business transformation journey.

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