Netstock Uses AI to Optimize Your Supply Chain in Dynamics 365

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Small and medium-sized businesses have a new tool to help them accelerate supply chain planning in Dynamics 365. With Netstock’s new AI-powered Predictive Planning Suite, they will achieve greater agility and realize greater cost savings to compete with larger organizations.

How Does the AI Predictive Planning Suite Augment Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Functionality?

The AI Predictive Planning Suite was designed to deliver sophisticated inventory management, increased flexibility, and supply chain visibility, to help Dynamics 365 users order at the right times and in the right quantities, resulting in cost savings and increased ROI while protecting them from stock-outs.

Netstock’s CEO, Ara Ohanian, notes: “Traditionally, only enterprise-level solutions could provide this level of functionality and performance, costing many times more. Our Predictive Planning Suite allows us to provide solutions across an organization’s supply chain journey as their business matures. We engineered our solution bundles to best address the needs of our customers as they take on more sophistication within their inventory management requirements. This helps them not only deploy what they need now but future-proof their inventory management needs well into the future.”

How Will Dynamics 365 AI Help Me Manage My Supply Chain?

Along with the Predictive Planning Suite, Netstock is also releasing the Opportunity Engine™, the ultimate AI-powered digital supply chain assistant. It analyzes your inventory data and reveals potential problems along with recommended solutions in real-time so you can take action and never miss a beat.

With a deep commitment to our customers, we have continually pushed the limits of technology to bring advanced tools to SMBs, and this latest product is no exception. Netstock’s CTO, Barry Kukkuk, remarked: “Netstock customers will continue to experience significant benefits from our constantly evolving AI technology. Leveraging this technology, Netstock will consistently capture and integrate valuable supply chain expertise, delivering packaged solutions directly to our customers.”

Data security is paramount in today’s digital world. Netstock has proven its dedication to protecting customer data by earning an ISO 27001 certification, instilling confidence in Dynamics 365 users around the world.

Next Steps

Would you like to know more about the Predictive Planning Suite and the Opportunity Engine? Contact Netstock today, and let our experts show you how these tools will optimize your warehouse and supply chain and increase profits for your business, no matter your size.


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