How Dynamics 365 ERP Improves Efficiency of Manufacturing, Distribution, and Installation Processes

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Does your company offer a range of manufacturing, distribution, and installation services? You have probably noticed what a challenge it is to manage complex workflows, and the challenges will increase as the size and scope of your business grow. As you ramp up to accommodate new acquisitions or expand facilities, you may be forced to juggle operations among business systems and ERP platforms that are incompatible and fail to communicate with each other. What's needed is a single, full-function Dynamics 365 ERP solution.

Toggling back and forth between systems makes coordinating resources and shared supply-chain relationships difficult.

Such was the case for a company in the U.S. that supplies decks, railings, fencing, and outdoor lighting products. Initially, the company relied on Sage ERP. Then they acquired another business that also used Sage ERP. So far, so good. But then, the company purchased another large manufacturing business that used SAP ERP. The systems were not syncing with one another, and the challenges began.

The Challenge: Isolated systems created operational and IT challenges

Three isolated systems made it difficult for the operations team to manage manufacturing, distribution, and installations. The complexity of the SAP system also forced many managers to rely on spreadsheets to coordinate production and material requirements planning.

When it came to technical support, the IT team faced additional challenges. Many users on the team were unfamiliar with SAP. It was complex to learn and difficult to maintain. On top of that, the platform would require extensive customization that would entail significant software development costs.

A further challenge was the company's deadline to move the acquired division off SAP since that division's previous owner held the software license.

And even though the other two acquisitions used Sage, that platform couldn't provide the advanced ERP capabilities the parent company now required for its expanded operations.

The Solution: Dynamics 365 and Western Computer

Company leadership agreed that they needed an alternative single ERP platform that would consolidate the operations of all three business units. The management team then partnered with Western Computer to configure and deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management.

Dynamics 365 will automate and streamline production, warehouse, and project management processes without overwhelming your users. It's a perfect balance of functionality and ease of use.

The company chose Western Computer as its technology partner based on our longtime association and expertise with Microsoft products. Our specialists know how to fully leverage the complete functionality of Dynamics 365 for manufacturers and distributors and how to program Microsoft technologies to deliver the unique capabilities each client requires.

The Result: Improved operational efficiency across all sectors

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution increased shop floor machine utilization. Now preventative maintenance and inspections are done on time. The three business units can also execute intercompany resource and inventory transactions, and all the information can be rolled up from each business unit to view financial and production performance from a corporate standpoint.

After creating the initial solution design, we adjusted it according to each business unit's feedback and accelerated the implementation timeline after only four modifications. The embedded warehouse management system is a capability the customer appreciates very much with the new ERP platform. It streamlines supply chain management and automatically flows data into the financials.

With the single, full-function ERP platform to run all three business units, our client now has improved operational efficiency for manufacturing, distribution, and installations. They can also efficiently manage their supply chain and production resources to respond to market changes.

Increased morale

Dynamics 365 helps our client manage installation project budgets to ensure profitability. Managers can schedule workers, including subcontractors, and create work orders detailing specific tasks for each job.

Perhaps even more significant, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform has boosted morale across all levels of the organization. Front-line employees are pleased with the user-friendly workflows that help them increase productivity. Management appreciates the Power BI reporting capabilities built into Dynamics 365  that make it easier to analyze company performance. And forecasting helps them anticipate and better meet customer expectations.

Check out the complete project success story to learn how Western Computer enabled this company to operate more efficiently by consolidating multiple ERP systems. And contact us today to find out how Western Computer can deliver the same benefits to your company.

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