How to Boost Efficiency with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams Integration

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Switching back and forth between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams chat can feel like a real juggling act. Always looking for the right info and trying to keep up with replies can disrupt your workflow, can't it?

These little interruptions might not seem like a big deal, but over time, they can slow you down and chip away at your productivity. That's why Microsoft has stepped up, merging the business operations, data, and collaboration of Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 into a single, streamlined experience.

So what's in it for you? It's simple. This integration significantly reduces those pesky interruptions, helping you stay focused on what matters - whether you're working in Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Teams.

Imagine a workday where meetings, chats, calls, and collaborations flow effortlessly, without ever stepping out of your Dynamics 365 environment. That’s what the inspiring integration of Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 brings to your virtual desk!

As you navigate customer records or chip away at projects within Dynamics 365, you can easily pull in pertinent conversations and people from Microsoft Teams. No need to switch applications—start or continue chats right there.

And there's more! Access and share Dynamics 365 records, insights, and processes while using Teams, keeping you anchored to your current task. Say goodbye to juggling multiple apps and the chaos of keeping everyone aligned.

The cherry on top? Regardless of their role, location, or preferred application, all team members can stay virtually connected. The integrated features enhance focus and productivity across all business domains, including sales, marketing, service, finance, commerce, supply chain, and human resources. This Dynamics 365 and Teams integration is your ticket to smooth collaboration, boosted productivity, heightened engagement, and integrated experiences.

Are you ready to delve into the incredible features at your disposal with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams integration? Let's help you unlock this powerhouse of unified user experience.

Teams Chat Embedding in Dynamics 365

Teams chat in Dynamics 365











Collaboration and effective communication are the cornerstones of successful tracking and sharing of leads and opportunities. That's where Microsoft's strategic move of embedding Teams chat in Dynamics 365 comes into play, offering AI-powered insights that put collaboration into context and actionable next steps at your fingertips.
The newly embedded Teams Chat experience for Dynamics 365 lets you access your Teams chats, channels, and people linked to a record you're working on, without switching to Teams. And when you initiate a conversation, the recipient gets a record summary to provide context.

Adding to this, you can also link an existing Teams chat to a Dynamics 365 record, unifying all related Teams interactions. Plus, it's easy to access or join a conversation with read/write access for the record, even if you weren't part of it initially.

Wait, there's more! Harness the power of 'Suggested Contacts', an AI-assisted feature that recommends people who are linked to or have interacted with a contact. This allows you to gain valuable customer insights and identify team members who have previously navigated similar challenges. This effective integration empowers Dynamics 365 and Teams users to turbocharge productivity, cultivate teamwork, and build stronger customer relationships.

Teams Dialler for Dynamics 365


In an era where customers are always connected, businesses must adopt digital sales strategies. The aim is not just to stay relevant but to deliver personalised service through customers' preferred channels such as voice calls and video. This approach not only provides a competitive edge but also helps retain customers in the long run.

Recognising this need, Microsoft has unveiled the embedded Teams Dialler for Dynamics 365, designed to ensure you converse with your customers smoothly, never losing context or missing any follow-ups. This multi-channel engagement tool lets agents effortlessly access relationship details, gain valuable insights, and dial the next best customer, all within one user-friendly interface. It even offers a space for note-taking and automated action item capture to guarantee prompt follow-ups. The result? Agents become powerhouses of productivity, as they no longer need to switch between Teams and Dynamics 365 or spend hours manually saving and linking Teams call records and transcripts back to Dynamics 365 records.

And it gets even better! There's an extendable audio or video Teams meeting experience directly linked to your Dynamics 365 record. With the Dynamics 365 app for Teams, agents can seamlessly connect and chat with customers through Teams meetings. The cherry on top is the built-in AI-powered conversation intelligence feature within Teams that transcribes and summarises calls. It also provides action items and additional insights, such as sentiment analysis and call segmentation, which are automatically linked back to the record timeline in Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 and Teams Meetings Integration


Unleash your productivity with several swift actions in Dynamics 365 and Teams, helping you accomplish more with fewer clicks and minimal app switching. For instance, while creating an appointment in Dynamics 365, you can schedule Teams meetings and link them with just a single click. Then, dive right into Microsoft Teams to access and edit the related Dynamics 365 record.

What's more, the brand-new Dynamics 365 Copilot feature in Teams brings you system data insights related to the record during your meetings. No need to bounce between applications or manually scour your system for information. Instead, stay laser-focused on your meeting discussions.

Within Teams meetings, you can effortlessly capture tasks and notes, which are automatically tied to the Dynamics 365 record. Plus, with a swift click, the Copilot-generated meeting summary, transcripts, action items, notes, tasks, and insights can be linked back to the Dynamics 365 record. Say goodbye to manual tracking and hello to saved time and swift actions, all thanks to this integrated, automated process.

Creating Magic with Teams Events, Webinars, and Dynamics 365 Follow-ups




Marketers rejoice! Now you can effortlessly set up and promote Teams events and webinars right from your Dynamics 365 apps. But wait, there's more - automatically generated reports on these events are just a click away. Following up with attendees in Microsoft Teams has never been easier, with attendee information automatically funnelled into Dynamics 365, empowering you with insightful attendee segment data to enhance engagement.

Forget about complex integrations - now, pre and post-event tasks like follow-ups, nurturing, and customer journey orchestration can be handled within the Dynamics 365 environment. By harnessing the power of Teams and Dynamics 365 integration, you can significantly cut down on lead conversion times. Streamlining customer journeys and providing enriched customer insights just got a whole lot easier, giving your marketing efforts a serious boost.

Effortless Access and Management of Dynamics 365 Records in Teams


Pinned records in teams

Through the integrated Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams platform, accessing and viewing a Dynamics 365 record within Teams is now a breeze. The app record is conveniently pinned in Teams, presenting you with a single-click button to either open the record or view it within Dynamics 365 apps.

Moreover, you have the capability to associate or link new files with Dynamics 365 records straight from the Teams interface. These files then become visible in Dynamics 365. The same goes for the files added to Dynamics 365 records - they also materialise in Teams. To top it off, you can access a unified list of files linked to a record, sourced from both the Dynamics 365 app and Microsoft Teams channels.

This enhanced feature makes tracking record updates and making necessary modifications within Teams significantly easier for you and your team. This not only saves valuable time but also increases productivity, keeping everyone focused on achieving their goals.

What's on the Horizon?

The Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams integration ushers in a wealth of opportunities and advantages for businesses. It enhances work efficiency by reducing disruptions and time-to-value, allowing all team members to concentrate on customer-focused processes. This connected experience is designed to supercharge your business collaboration and productivity, propelling your growth forward. The icing on the cake? There's no need for a Dynamics 365 license to reap the benefits of these integration features in Teams.

Microsoft has more up its sleeve, with new features and enhancements on the horizon. In the interim, if you need help navigating the Dynamics 365 and Teams integration features, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're more than ready to assist you on this exciting journey!

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