365WineTrade and the Microsoft Stack to Optimize Distribution Operations

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 Moving to a cloud-based wine ERP solution can significantly benefit your wine distribution business. Many of our wine and spirits distributors previously used a variety of applications and systems that failed to integrate. That created significant problems such as data silos, lack of visibility, and way too much manual work. They needed a flexible system for all departments to streamline operations and optimize productivity. Western Computer's 365WineTrade, built on the Microsoft stack, is the answer.

When considering cloud ERP solutions, it is crucial to consider the matter of integration. If you already use Microsoft apps —Microsoft 365, Sales, Word, Outlook, Excel, Power BI, Teams, etc. your ERP solution must connect seamlessly to all these apps and any specialized wine industry applications. Otherwise, you'll face the high cost of customizations and integrations that may not work properly when it's time to update or upgrade your ERP solution.

365WineTrade powered by the Microsoft Cloud

There are significant advantages to choosing Western Computer's 365WineTrade, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and powered by the Microsoft Cloud:

  • Seamless integration with your other Microsoft applications

365WineTrade integrates seamlessly right from the start. It has built-in optimizations and workflows for streamlining your processes and optimizing your Microsoft software. Your Microsoft system connects your data, people, systems, processes, etc., so you can run your business on a unified cloud platform from any device or location.

  • Order placement from Microsoft Outlook

Everyone uses Outlook. Placing an order with 365WineTrade is easy because all your ERP data is connected to Outlook. Here's how simple it can be:

  1. Your customer sends an order for ten cases of wine.
  2. Outlook finds the customer in your database and captures their data —including sales order history, account balances, credit status, etc.
  3. The Microsoft AI engine searches the email for a matching item in the system and automatically populates a sales order.
  4. Review or adjust if necessary, create a sales order, and send it to your ERP with a click. Voila! The customer gets an automatic order confirmation.

It all happens within Outlook. There's no toggling between systems or screens. Think of the time you'll save checking inventory and customer status and not having to create orders manually, email your customers confirmations, and then enter the orders into your ERP.

  • Valuable insight with Microsoft Excel and Power BI

Most companies use Microsoft Excel to create basic spreadsheets or more complex calculations and reporting. With 365WineTrade's native Microsoft integration, your ERP/CRM data in Dynamics 365BC is instantly available in Excel; you don't have to enter anything manually.

A further advantage of 365WineTrade is Western Computer's exclusive Power BI content pack. We've built and optimized numerous financial and operational reports for wine distributors. You can visualize your data in real time. Check out Western's interactive 365WineTrade Power BI content pack reports to see how strikingly different reporting is with Power BI.

  • Collaborate with Microsoft Teams

365WineTrade's native integration to Microsoft Teams makes it even easier to collaborate with colleagues, clients, and vendors. You can access documents, SharePoint lists, and sites within Teams for real-time collaboration.

  • Automatic Updates

You'll get automatic updates and enhancements because 365WineTrade is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC and the Microsoft Cloud. You will always have the most up-to-date version without costly software upgrades.

These are some benefits of 36WineTrade's native integration with the Microsoft applications you use daily. You'll improve data integrity with a centralized, accurate database and increase productivity by eliminating the time and effort of entering data into multiple systems.

Third-Party Wine Industry Integrations

Seamless integration with the Microsoft stack is transformative, but you may need to integrate with one or more standard wine industry systems. 365WineTrade has many of these integrations at the ready, including:

  • 3PLs like Western Carriers
  • Freight Forwarders like Hillebrand and Gori
  • eCommerce and PIM systems like SevenFifty, and Dynamicweb
  • State Liquor Authorities (SLAs)
  • Sales and Beverage Tax systems
  • DTC/POS systems like Commerce7
  • Wine production software such as InnoVint

Wine industry expertise

Western Computer brings over 30 years of proven industry expertise to your business with 365WineTrade—fully integrated software for the wine and spirits industry infused with artificial intelligence and tailored to your needs.

With Western Computer, you'll have a nationwide team of industry and integrations experts for support. We continually add new integrations to 365WineTrade, and if you need a custom integration, we can do that for you.

If you are looking for a fully integrated, all-in-one cloud ERP solution for your wine business, contact our experts at Western Computer and see if 365WineTrade suits your company.

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By Western Computer, www.westerncomputer.com

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