3 Ways to Enhance Your Amazon Webstore with eShopConnect for Amazon

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Handling an Amazon webstore can be difficult when it comes to handling inventory, orders, overhead, and more. That’s why Dynamics eShop has developed eShopConnect. This tool offers a seamless connection between Microsoft Dynamics ERP and various eCommerce platforms, including Amazon. eShopConnect for Amazon will help enhance your webstore by handling customers and orders, keeping track of shipping, making it easier to manage inventory.

Customers & Orders

One way eShopConnect for Amazon enhances your webstore is by automatically syncing data on new sales orders from Amazon to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Not only that, but it will also keep track of customer data from Amazon and sync up to 15000 orders per day. This feature helps keep all your data in one place and does the work for you.

Fulfilments & Shipping

Having a seamless way for your Amazon webstore to handle fulfillments and shipping is necessary with large volumes of orders. With eShopConnect, your webstores fulfilment status, shipping, and tracking information can be connected from Dynamics 365 to Amazon. Our tool also allows your webstore to sync shipping methods across both platforms.

Items & Inventory

Updating your Amazon webstore inventory has never been easier with eShopConnect. You can update total inventory as well as individual items in real-time from multiple warehouses making it easier for you to restock right when you need to.

If your webstore is looking for faster end-to-end implementation and around-the-clock support for a smoother, more enhanced Amazon store, eShopConect for Amazon offers just that. https://www.dynamicseshop.com/amazon-dynamics-365-integration/

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