Why x2x-eCommerce for BC & Shopify Integration? 

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Business Central becomes the preferred choice for small and mid-sized organizations. Similarly, Shopify is the most sought-after eCommerce platform for emerging businesses. Integrating these two allow businesses to synchronize data between them. It enables order, inventory, price, and customer management. To control financials seamlessly and much more.

Why x2x-eCommerce for BC & Shopify Integration?

Several integration solutions are available for Business Central & Shopify. Proper business & requirement analysis helps choose the correct solution according to the needs. This blog covers the prominent features of the x2x-eCommerce Integration solution to help you decide on your solution.

Order Management:

Create exact web orders into Business Central with the help of tax, payment, and shipping mappings. After processing, upload fulfillment to Shopify store. Moreover, Integration manages the order modification , returns and refunds to provide end to end order management to clients.

Product Management:

Integration introduces a parent and child feature to create matrix product in Business Central to upload them to Shopify directly. This ensures that the products have a same formats as required by an eCommerce platform, this phenomenon reduces the dual effort of creating products on both the platforms.

Inventory Management:

Inventory synchronization to eCommerce store is crucial for any business to make sure that the  accurate stock levels are always available for customers. The integration allows you to update inventory from Business Central to Shopify store at any given point of time or schedule it at a certain regular interval.

Price Management:

Update regular as well as compare at price to Shopify from Business Central with x2x Integration Solution. Update prices at any time or schedule price updates as per the need and requirement.

Customer Management:

Integration enables  to synchronize customer data in both direction. This means you can create customers from Business Central to Shopify and from Shopify to Business Central as well with order creation. In this way customer information can be captured and stored in Business Central, allowing business to maintain a customer database which will be used for further analysis.

Financial Data:

With the help of mappings correct financial data of payments, tax and shipment is available in respective accounts of Business Central. This correct data mapping helps in accurate financial reporting and also helps in analyzing the sales with respect to different parameters.

Some prominent features of Integration are discussed in this blog to answer Why x2x-eCommerce for BC & Shopify Integration? For further queries and question do visit our product details page or connect with us for a demo.


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