Visualize Inventory Availability with Vicinity Software and Dynamics 365 BC

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Vicinity Software is the ideal companion to Dynamics 365 Business Central for batch, process and formula manufacturers, providing all the essential functionality that Business Central lacks out-of-the-box.

With each new Vicinity version, we are tightening the integration between the two solutions to provide our users with a seamless experience. Now, in Vicinity 4.42 (March 2023 Release), we’re sharing more production data with Business Central to keep your entire team on the same page.

Within the Sales Order screen that you already use, when you enter line items with their associated product code, you can click the “Item Availability by” button, and within the list is the new “Vicinity Available to Promise” option. The new component makes it easy to visualize both Business Central and Vicinity data regarding inventory availability. Now you can see not only what you have in stock, but also what quantities are currently in process, and when it is scheduled to be ready. Additionally, you can see Planned Orders – those that your production team is planning to produce but haven’t yet committed to a firm delivery date.

This functionality will greatly enhance your ability to schedule production so that customers will receive their goods right on schedule. It will also benefit your customer service team, giving them the up-to-the-minute information on current and future inventory so they can see a shortfall early on, and either communicate with production to firm up a batch completion date, or give the client a more realistic date their product will be delivered.

Future improvements to our software will include the ability to drill down into the data displayed, giving you deeper insights and greater confidence when promising products to your clients.

Would you like to see the new Business Central features in action? Watch our video to learn more.

To find out more about the perfect pairing of Vicinity and Business Central for batch, process and formula manufacturers, contact us today – we’re excited to hear from you.


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