Unveiling WebSan Solutions' Top 10 Recommended Jet Reports for Financial Insights

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 In the realm of business data analysis and reporting, Jet Reports has become a go-to solution for organizations seeking powerful reporting tools. In this blog post, we will highlight WebSan Inc.'s top 10 recommended Jet Reports from our financial package, based on our expert opinions and customer feedback.

1. Company Overview: The Company Overview report offers a comprehensive snapshot of financial indicators, including DSO, gross margin, and key P&L information. With variance to budget and balance sheet details, this report provides valuable insights into a company's financial health.

2. Trial Balance: This simple yet essential report provides a clear overview of credits, debits, and net changes within a specified period. The Trial Balance report helps users analyze account balances efficiently.

 3 & 4. Accounts Receivable & Payable Summary: Addressing a common pain point in Business Central, these reports offer graphical representations of AR and AP data. The AR Summary provides aging information with conditional highlighting, allowing users to filter by posting groups and dimensions. Similarly, the AP Summary offers insights into accounts payable with customizable filters.

5. Item Profitability by Customer: This report allows users to analyze profitability by product, providing a breakdown of gross margin for different customers and products. With robust filtering capabilities and drill-down options to the originating data, this report is valuable for analyzing profitability on both an item and customer level.

6. Customer Sales and Profitability: By focusing on overall customer profitability, this report offers a summarized view of sales and profit. Users can gain insights into sales by country, customer group, salesperson, and more, making it a powerful tool for understanding customer-related metrics.

7. General Ledger Budget to Actual Period: This report presents a straightforward comparison of budget versus actual versus variance figures in a P&L format. It provides users with a clear understanding of variances on a period-by-period basis, enabling effective financial analysis and decision-making. Additionally, this report comes as is right out of the box.

8. Income Statement: The Income Statement report offers a comprehensive overview of income by period, with graphical representations and smart charts. Users can also view budget figures as well as combined variance in separate views but within the same report, providing a complete financial picture.

9. Consolidated Profit and Loss by Company: This report has every company across the top of the report with a consolidated number as well. It presents a consolidated view across all companies, allowing drill-downs to originating companies in Business Central. Users can also analyze individual companies with filters based on dimensions, resulting in a holistic view of financial performance.

10. Financial Report Review: This comprehensive report includes an income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and visually appealing graphs and charts. With the ability to filter by a specific company, it provides a concise overview of financial information.

We here at WebSan Solutions have carefully curated a package of Jet Reports designed to enhance financial analysis within Dynamics 365 Business Central. The top 10 reports highlighted in this article represent a selection of the most popular and valuable options based on our expertise and customer feedback. With over 120 reports available in our package, businesses can access a wide range of financial insights to make informed decisions. To explore the full catalogue of reports and theirJet reports Dynamics 365 Dynamics 365, functionalities, visit our website, where we have screenshots of each report in our brochure.

Report catalogue: Business-Central-Implementation-Reports.pdf (websan.com)

Top Jet Reports in WebSan Financial Package of Reports: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrKuXnMdtrE

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