Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC and Western Computer for Inventory Management

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The obstacles facing inventory managers in the consumer packaged goods industry are many. Especially recently, coming out of the disruptions of the pandemic, we've experienced economic fluctuations, workforce instability, and supply chain disruptions. All these factors make inventory management more challenging. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Western Computer can help.

Is your organization still managing inventory operations manually? Many companies are turning to automation and technology to modernize inventory management and set the stage for future growth.

How do you determine the right time to upgrade your technology? Take a look at your current processes and see if any of the following apply to your company:

  • Are you still manually entering data into your system?
  • Do you still perform inventory counting manually without scanners?
  • Is it easy to rebalance your inventory across your network?
  • Are you running short of warehouse space?

Any one of these preventable problems will create delays, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies that will interfere with your company's performance, productivity, and growth.

Do you have a problem with overstocks of slow-moving products? Or is it a question of rapid inventory turnover and not having items on hand when needed? Either way, you'll have a problem scaling the availability of your goods with the rate of demand using manual methods. A robust modern software solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, will ensure your company meets today's and tomorrow's requirements.

Western Computer and Microsoft for Successful Inventory Management 

Our experts at Western Computer have the expertise and experience to help inventory managers transform their operations for modernization and growth.

Microsoft Dynamics' powerful ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions offer the following inventory-management capabilities:

  • Real-time visibility into your complete inventory
  • Slotting  to maximize the overall efficiency of your warehouse
  • Accurate data for predictive ordering and re-ordering
  • Barcode integration for increased accuracy
  • Demand planning/forecasting
  • RFID  to support modern warehouse management
  • Advanced container tracking to determine the current position of containers anywhere in the world.
  • Streamlined returns management

Real-Time Visibility into Inventory

Do you know how fast your inventory is turning over? Western Computer's Inventory Management Power BI dashboard presents various ways to view real-time data for your inventory turnover. View the cost of goods sold and general turns per item. Drill down on specific analytics, generate reports, and analyze data. View your products through various filters for a micro-to-macro view of your operations. Identify your fastest moving and highest earning items, and much more. To view in-depth steps on how Power BI gives you real-time visibility into your inventory, check out this video.

Barcode Integration

Barcoding will eliminate significant manual labor and allow you to go paperless. As your business grows, barcoding will be an essential prerequisite for scaling.

Implement barcoding in pack-and-ship models with USB scanners connected to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. These scanners are a low-cost tool for automating shipping by entering barcodes as items are packed into boxes or containers. Speed up your workflows with packing stations equipped with scanners. Learn more about how barcoding supports inventory management in this video.

Advanced Container Tracking

Western Computer offers 365ContainerImport. Integrated with Dynamics 365 BC, 365ContainerImport allows you to easily consolidate, track and manage inventory, POs, and containers in real time.

From embarkation point to the final destination, you'll have all the functionality necessary for tracking imported goods, eliminating errors, and ultimately reducing costs on this leg of your inventory management. With complete visibility and tracking of your goods' entire transit process, you can easily manage all aspects of container import in one place.

Rely on Western Computer and Dynamics 365 BC for inventory management

We've been helping inventory managers transform operations to modernize, scale, and grow for decades. Our expertise across Microsoft solutions and our custom technology tools will meet the challenges of inventory management no matter how complex your distribution needs. Whether you want better forecasting,  greater insight into your shipments, or superior automation to save time and money, we're your partner. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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