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At Bam Boom Cloud, we want to help you implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and ensure its success. We’ve learned a lot along the way about what it takes to succeed. Our mission is to ensure that switching to a new accounting system is easy and trouble-free. We want your implementation to stay on track and your system to work exactly as it should right from the start.

We have designed our Bam Boom Cloud approach to implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central specifically for small businesses. We believe it’s to your advantage to start small with the essential features, then add increased functionality over time as your business grows. Regardless of your industry, there is rarely a need for scoping or bespoke development while your company is small.

What is essential for a small but growing business is having the right software that will grow with you. In the long run, the choices you make early on will save you money and support your company’s growth.

A well-planned business system will help your staff be more efficient and productive. Your data will be better utilized, and your processes will be more secure. A recent Microsoft study showed that small companies embracing technology grow faster, and investing in the appropriate technology can protect your business in times of economic uncertainty.

Implementation tips for Microsoft Business Central

Once you’ve invested time researching the best technology system for your business and choosing an implementation partner to work with, you’ll appreciate our top tips for ensuring implementation success.

  • Have a plan

Our Bam Boom Cloud implementations begin with a consultant-led kick-off meeting. Our team and yours agree on a timeline, and we set milestone dates. We make sure that all relevant stakeholders are onboard and supportive and that the timescales work for your staff.

  • Prepare your data

Just as you would with packing boxes to move house, you’ll want to have your business data ready for the move. This is something you’ll do before your implementation partner involves the new technology. Your team knows your data better than anyone else. They will know which data is worthy of migration and whether there are things that can be cleared out or archived. It’s a great time to do some data housecleaning, so your new system will be streamlined and efficient, having just what you need.

  • Prepare your team

The new system will require training for your team to make the most of it. Bam Boom Cloud offers comprehensive training.  We’ll encourage you to appoint a superuser employee to act as a point of contact between your team and ours throughout the implementation. Your superuser should be one who can champion the Dynamics 365 Business Central solution. They will be tasked with ensuring that the project stays on track and that the rest of the team understands its benefits and operation.

  • Test the setup

Testing your system before it goes live is crucial to implementation success. It is arguably the most important step, and absolutely should not be skipped. You and your partner must validate the data and workflows to ensure they are accurate, reliable, and user accessible.

  • Confidently go live!

Ensure all relevant stakeholders are informed, trained, and ready to access your new system. Then closely monitor operations over the first few weeks to ensure everything is running smoothly. Support is available to you so make sure to resolve any issues as soon as they come up.

Start implementing your new Business Central system

It may take a little while for your team to be fully conversant with the new system. After they settle in, you might start thinking about what’s next. You’ll want a roadmap for expanding the system as your business grows. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC, you can add extra features in a phase two implementation or consider relevant ISVs - third-party add-ons that offer additional functionality such as expense processing, document capture, and additional reporting.

At Bam Boom Cloud, we’ve put together an Implementation Guide for a more detailed overview of our consultant-led implementation process. We also offer self-guided implementation for customers who are confident in their requirements. (Check out Launchpad for Business Central here.)


At Bam Boom Cloud, we are implementation experts, and we take our work seriously. Your implementation success is our success. If you’re interested in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation, contact our experts. Have the time and resources to do it yourself? Check out how you can implement on your own.

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