Bluefort Launches TAPP: The FREE Payment Collection Automation Platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Bluefort announces its groundbreaking payment collection automation product suite that fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and provides merchants with a seamless, automated payment process.

Bluefort, the subscription and automation software vendor, is thrilled to announce the launch of Bluefort TAPP, the payment automation product that uniquely and seamlessly integrates popular payment providers with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Bluefort TAPP is designed to revolutionize the way businesses handle payment collections and allocations with minimal manual intervention. And the best part is it’s absolutely FREE.

Bluefort TAPP offers an array of benefits to merchants including:

  • Automating payment processing, generated payment journals, and settling invoices significantly reduce overhead expenses.
  • Easy payment options encourage long-term customer relationships.
  • Transaction methods for daily payments that are safe and secure.
  • Automated payment collection and reconciliation for customer accounts using sales orders.
  • Automated refunds for credit notes and fee reconciliation with payment providers.
  • Native integration with Dynamics 365 Finance subscription billing capabilities.
  • Improving cashflow
  • Native integration with Bluefort’s LISA subscription management product suite.

Merchants’ end-users will also enjoy a seamless, hassle-free experience with any kind of payments. No more errors in payments and billing, or the need to chase payments.

Bluefort TAPP is free to use and easy to install by following simple steps.

The initial launch of Bluefort TAPP includes Direct Debit and bank transaction automation with GoCardless for all Dynamics 365 business applications. Subsequent releases will also include integrations with major credit/debit card payment services, including Stripe.

For more information on Bluefort TAPP, and to download yours free, visit

About Bluefort

Bluefort is the go-to partner for subscription management and payment automation software that transforms your problems into profits. We have one aim- to remove the roadblocks that stop your business from flourishing.

We’re a software-plus-services company, underpinned by Microsoft Dynamics, proud to power more and more processes every day for our customers worldwide. But working with us doesn’t stop at award-winning technology- our industry insights will help you discover and unlock hidden value.

We solve the problems that keep you up at night. Imagine a modernised operation with sky-high sign-ups, hyper-automated back-office processes, and industry-beating retention rates. It can be yours.

Take your business to the next level. Let us show you how.

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