Unlock the Magic of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform at DynamicsMinds Community Conference in Europe

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Interview with Mira Ražman, Functional Consultant at Docentric and DynamicsMinds community Happy Fairy

The inaugural DynamicsMinds conference invites all members of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform community to an exciting three-day in-person event in Europe powered by Microsoft ISV Docentric. With a jam-packed agenda, workshops, and Microsoft Partner Magic Day, the conference promises to be the highlight event for the Dynamics 365 community.

To shed light on what makes this conference so special, we chatted with Mira Ražman, Functional Consultant at Docentric and known as the DynamicsMinds community Happy Fairy. She shared some insider information, including the motivation behind organizing the event, the conference agenda, and additional events taking place at DynamicsMinds.

"At Docentric, we highly value the knowledge and expertise of the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform community," says Mira. "We felt that in-person conferences were lacking after the pandemic, so we decided to create a space for professionals to come together and learn from each other. Our mission was to bring bleeding-edge knowledge and experience to the community, and we are thrilled to see that idea come to life with DynamicsMinds. The whole community has taken the reins in creating this event, making it even better than we could have hoped for."

Recently published, the conference agenda covers technical tracks on Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Business Central, Customer Engagement, and Power Platform. DynamicsMinds also offers The Fifth track focused on talents, career development, partner strategy, workforce representation and, diversity and inclusion, including women in Dynamics panels.

"DynamicsMinds is an inclusive event that represents the diversity of the community," says Mira. "Our aim is to make sure that everyone feels welcome and included."

DynamicsMinds is also offering free workshops led by well-known experts, MVPs, Microsoft and community legends. As a cherry on top, the conference will host a Microsoft Partners Magic Day, where partners can network, share ideas, feedback and learn more about working with Microsoft from Microsoft representatives themselves. This day is exclusively designed for partners and is a great opportunity for them to gain valuable insights and expand their network.

When asked why people should attend the event, Mira replied, "The DynamicsMinds conference is a great opportunity for community members to learn how things work and share their findings with fellow professionals. They'll also get to meet MVPs and influencers in person and attend sessions held by experts whose work they've probably followed for years. Attendees can also share their thoughts and concerns about current trends regarding both technology and partnerships with Microsoft, as well as get answers to their questions straight from Microsoft representatives. The conference will help community members expand their professional networks, reach new business opportunities, and stay on top of the latest news. And last but not least, attendees will have a lot of fun."

And like a spell from a wizard's wand, the location is truly magical: The conference center overlooks the Adriatic Sea and the easy accessibility of Portoroz from nearby airports in Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia, as well as the well-connected Venetian airport, make it an ideal location.

"We can't wait for DynamicsMinds to begin," says Mira. "We're excited to see the community come together and learn from each other, like wizards sharing their secrets. We hope to see you there!"

And ERP Software Blog, as a proud sponsor, invites you to visit DynamicsMinds website and register now. Join fellow wizards of the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform community and unlock the secrets to mastering your craft. See you at DynamicsMinds!

Vist website www.dynamicsminds.com

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