Top 3 things to look for in your next Inventory Platform WMS

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Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Inventory Platforms have become essential for businesses that rely on effective inventory management. With the rise in e-commerce and omnichannel retail, businesses require an Inventory Platform WMS that can provide real-time inventory visibility, efficient order fulfillment, and accurate inventory tracking. Managing inventory can be a complex task, particularly for businesses that have unique inventory challenges. Fortunately, mobile inventory platforms have made it easier for businesses to track and manage their inventory on the go. When selecting a mobile inventory platform, businesses should look for the following three things:

Flexibility and scalability

Not all inventory platforms offer you flexibility to scale your business over time. Can the warehouse management solution offer you cloud-based or an on-premise system that can be easily configured to fit the specific needs of your business? Meaning, can it adapt to the changing requirements of your business, whether it's a medium or large enterprise. A powerful inventory platform of today can easily integrate with other systems using the Microsoft Power Platform such as ERPs, EDI and shipping carriers using RESTful OPEN APIs allowing businesses to streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

User-friendly interface

You will want to select a system designed to simplify warehouse management tasks. The interface must be intuitive and easy to navigate, which means that businesses can train their employees quickly and reduce the learning curve. Additionally, the system should be designed to be mobile-friendly, which means that employees can access the system from any device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Real-time inventory visibility

Your new inventory platform should provide real-time inventory visibility, which is critical for businesses that need to track their inventory accurately. You will want to track inventory from the moment it arrives at the warehouse to the moment it's shipped out to customers. This means that businesses can avoid stockouts and overstocking, which can lead to lost sales and increased costs. Additionally, real-time inventory visibility allows businesses to make informed decisions about their inventory, such as when to reorder and how much to order.

Your next Inventory Platform WMS should be a highly flexible and scalable system that provides a user-friendly interface and real-time inventory visibility. Finding a solution with these three strengths makes it an ideal choice for businesses that need to streamline their warehouse management processes and improve efficiency. Whether it's a medium or a large enterprise, your new solution must adapt to the changing requirements of your business and provide the tools needed to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

Steve Dwyer, Chief Revenue Officer

WithoutWire Inventory Sciences


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