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When you started your business, perhaps you could generate and process invoices the old-fashioned paper way. Have you outgrown that? Are you tired of the mountains of paper and the hassle of approval emails? It’s time to simplify invoice automation in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Invoice processing takes up a significant amount of time and is tedious work subject to errors and frustration when done by hand. Simple invoice automation can truly benefit your AP team. All you have to do is choose the right tools.

If your company uses Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can easily automate your invoice processes without an expensive standalone document management system. Your ERP solution, Dynamics GP, already contains several powerful features.

Mekorma can add a pair of business applications for AP that will complement what you have in Dynamics GP. Together, they’re a winning trio.



How to Improve Dynamics GP Payables Transaction Workflow

Dynamics GP Payables Transaction Workflow is not new; it’s been around for a decade. Still, many accounting professionals don’t realize they can use it to set up invoice approvals directly in their ERP solution. Then they can efficiently route transactions to appropriate personnel for approval.

This workflow is easy to set up. It will accommodate even complex business rules for approvals, such as multiple approvers required for invoices over certain thresholds.

With Dynamic GP’s DocAttach feature, approvers will receive all the information needed to review and authorize invoices for payment. DocAttach lets you scan and upload invoices and relevant documents directly into Dynamics GP. The image remains with the account through the lifecycle of the transaction.

Is your AP team still trying to get invoices approved via email or, worse,  manual sign-offs? Are they then keying the invoice data into Dynamics GP? If so, the Payables Transaction Workflow with DocAttach will be a game-changer.

To further simplify invoice processing, Mekorma offers two Power Platform business applications that work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP for an even more efficient process.

AI-based Invoice Automation for Dynamics GP

Mekorma Invoice Capture simplifies capturing and entering non-PO invoice data into Dynamics GP. You and your vendors can email invoices to a dedicated email inbox, and Invoice Capture will do the rest.

Using Microsoft’s latest AI (Artificial Intelligence), Mekorma’s Invoice Capture will automatically read and extract invoices as they arrive. The data is then delivered to Dynamics GP along with any relevant attachments. This process happens without human intervention. Your team does not have to monitor the emails but can validate all the information once it enters Dynamics GP.

After validation, the software automatically creates a Payables Transaction, attaches DocAttach images, and moves the entire file through the Dynamics GP AP Transaction Workflow for appropriate approvals.

Invoice Capture eliminates manually scanning invoices into GP, sending approval emails back and forth, and shuffling paper invoices between departments.

Invoice Capture: AP Automation for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Watch the video: Invoice Capture: AP Automation for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Mobile Invoice Approval

When it comes to invoice approval, Mekorma and Dynamics GP have removed the last obstacle. The newly available Mobile Workflows app integrates with GP’s Payables Transaction Workflow to enable approvals from any browser, including mobile devices.

With Mekorma’s Mobile Workflows, you’ll see how simple invoice automation can be.

You can gather invoice approval from anywhere without logging into Dynamics GP. Review the invoices and their attached images. Act on pending transactions in one app, even for multi-company approvals. Approve transactions individually or in bulk.

Our GP clients have pointed out that you can request approvals remotely by email with GP’s Web Services. But it can be clunky to set up, may not function as you would like, and can only handle one transaction at a time. The Mobile Workflows app is more nimble and efficient. Rather than getting five emails for five approvals, Mobile Workflows provides one interface to access everything.

Watch the Video: Mekorma Mobile Workflows for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Streamlined Invoice Automation in Action

Picture a healthcare organization with multiple surgical locations. The controller of each location receives, approves, and then forwards hundreds of invoices to the organization’s centralized AP team. The AP team must manually scan and enter all the invoices into Dynamics GP for payment. Here’s where Mekorma’s solutions can radically simplify invoice automation.

Rather than vendors sending invoices to each surgery location, they can send all their invoices directly to a designated AP email. Mekorma Invoice Capture will automatically transfer all invoices into Dynamics GP. The AP team can review, verify, and send them along through the workflow for approvals and payment.

You’ll cut out piles of paperwork and jammed inboxes for all the controllers. If their approvals are needed, that will become part of the process. They can open Mobile Workflows on their phone or browser and view every pending transaction. They can review images in the app, then reject or approve them. The data flow back to Dynamics GP, alerting AP that it’s time to pay.

If you’re not already using GP workflows and DocAttach to process invoices, your AP team is probably working harder than necessary. Leveraging GP features you already own and supporting them with Mekorma business apps can simplify your invoice automation process.

If you’d like to see how to take your invoice processing from good to great, contact our experts at Mekorma.

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