Launchpad Self-Guided Dynamics Business Central Implementation: Is it Right for You?

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Recently, Bam Boom Cloud unveiled its trademarked Launchpad. Launchpad is a unique self-guided implementation for Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central (365BC). It is designed to help small businesses set up an ERP solution with a simple, affordable monthly subscription rather than substantial upfront costs. Now even new companies can benefit from Microsoft Dynamics' best ERP cloud solution.

Launchpad lets you implement your Microsoft Dynamics 365BC solution at your own pace and in a way that works best for your business and your budget. Still, a self-guided approach won't be right for every business. How can you determine if it's right for yours?

Knowing what you've heard about the complexity, cost, and disruption of lengthy implementations, you may be skeptical of the idea of a self-guided ERP software implementation.

At Bam Boom Cloud,  we've put years of hard work into innovating Dynamics 365BC implementation. We've stripped the process back to the basics that small businesses need while offering affordable ways for clients to expand their systems over time.

Launchpad makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central a viable option for small companies looking for an entry-level finance system that will grow with them. Keep reading if you're unsure whether a self-guided implementation suits your company. We'll tell you how it works and help you understand the benefits.

The self-guided implementation of Dynamics 365 BC

With Launchpad, you'll log into Dynamics 365 Business Central, and under 'Get Started,' you will see a checklist for completing your new system setup.

The step-by-step guide will take you through all the critical stages of the implementation process. You'll see how to configure your company information, import your data, and post your first transactions. On-demand training videos are available throughout the process to empower you to use your new system to its full potential. A comprehensive knowledge base is available to help resolve common queries. You can also book a call with one of our consultants to discuss any issues.

Read more about the Launchpad method here.

The benefits of self-guided implementations

Cost Savings  

The chief benefit is cost savings. Launchpad costs over 50% less than our next-level supported implementation option. We've leveraged our years of expertise to create the  Launchpad setup wizard to ensure the same implementation quality. We are confident that Launchpad provides everything your small company needs.

See Launchpad pricing here.


a self-guided implementation allows total flexibility in terms of timing and scheduling. You can implement Dynamics 365BC at your own pace and timeframe rather than tied to a consultant's implementation availability.


You'll have control over the process and your system. When you invest time and attention in a self-guided implementation, you'll have a heightened sense of ownership and control of your system.

User Adoption

The enthusiasm you build for your self-guided Dynamics 365BC implementation will get your whole team on board and invested in its success. We give you access to a complete knowledge bank of on-demand training videos and articles to guide your team through the various operations of Business Central.

Learning Opportunities

Your self-guided implementation will help you and your team learn more about your new system. You'll have a deeper understanding of the features provided by Dynamics Business Central and what they can do for your company.

Will you choose Launchpad?

We realize the Launchpad approach isn't the best for every company. You must be up for the challenge and confident in your own ability. Still, the extra effort is worth it for the cost savings and flexibility. Launchpad is for self-starters and those who like to be in control.

For those who prefer more support, Bam Boom Cloud also offers two supported implementation options:


For businesses requiring Business Central basics but that prefer partner-supported implementation, Kickstart keeps it simple. One of our consultants will lead your project and stick to a defined timeline. Kickstart costs more than Launchpad because you'll have a dedicated consultant rather than going it alone, but the cost can be spread over time if necessary.

Take the 5-question quiz: Does a kickstart implementation make sense for you?


The other option is a fixed-price, fixed-scope implementation. Packs use the same methods as Launchpad and Kickstart but for those at the larger end of small businesses. Packs are for companies needing more functionality right from the start. Our BC consultant will take you through the standard packs and recommend which ones you need for your consultant-led implementation.

Next steps

Contact our experts at Bam Boom Cloud. Let's discuss the best way to equip your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365BC.

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