Information Company Modernizes with Dynamics 365 Business Central, Sales, and Customer Service to Improve Efficiency

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Western Computer worked with, Techstreet, a company that helps their clients stay up to date with industry codes and standards to maintain compliance.  Techstreet had recently been acquired by a subsidiary of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and was faced with a deadline for migrating away from the IT infrastructure of its former parent company.

Rather than a simple data migration, Techstreet wanted to take advantage of this disruption to modernize its tech stack and streamline its business processes with ERP and CRM solutions that would provide a foundation for future growth.

After extensive research, Techstreet determined that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Sales, and Dynamics 365 Customer Service had the right feature set to handle their advanced requirements. One of the key benefits of these applications is the ease of integration with other applications, along with the rich ecosystem of third-party add-ons to extend their system beyond the out-of-the-box experience.

Such a complex implementation project required a knowledgeable and capable partner, and Techstreet found its ideal match in Western Computer. Michael Klinger, Techstreet’s CEO, explains: “While the other potential partners tended to justify their cost to complete the project, Western Computer focused on detailing the game plan on how they could deliver what we needed. This was critical because legacy environments like ours are challenging environments to come into. Western Computer helped us determine the new design we needed, and that gave us confidence they could do the job.”

Subscriptions Managed by  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications

ERP Integrations Ensure Smooth Data Flow. Techstreet’s subscription platform was integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central to allow transactions to automatically register in their new ERP, eliminating manual entry, reducing errors, and improving efficiency. Additionally, they are now integrating their e-commerce platform with Business Central to reap further benefits.

Dynamics 365 Sales Automation Ensures Nothing Falls Through the Cracks. With a new guided sales process for customer quotes, sales representatives are spending much less time on customer quotes, leaving emails and spreadsheets behind in favor of functionality developed within Dynamics 365 Sales. Subscription renewals are nurtured through a system of alerts, ensuring customers are contacted in advance, renewals are processed, and follow-up is scheduled to ensure customer satisfaction.

Self-service opportunities were created to allow customers 24/7 access to the information they need while reducing the workload on existing reps. Customer service actions were given enhanced visibility along with metrics, promoting a culture of constant improvement. “Our customer service workflow efficiency has improved significantly,” says Klinger. “We also have a more stable environment, and it’s easier to track the status of cases through the service metrics we generate. Cases are automatically routed to the correct queue, and we stay on top of any issues we need to address to meet customer needs,” noted Klinger.

Increased Efficiency Alleviates the Need for Additional Personnel. In order to keep pace with customer demand, Techstreet found itself hiring additional staff to improve the delivery of its services. However, with their new solution designed by Western Computer, they’ve become more efficient and able to scale quickly and easily.

Learn How Dynamics 365 Can Help Your Organization Prepare for Growth

There are many more benefits that Techstreet has enjoyed from their implementation of three key Dynamics 365 products, and Western Computer has continued by their side, helping them see how the Microsoft applications they are now using can be further leveraged to position them for future growth.

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To learn more about how Techstreet modernized their technology stack, download the complete customer success story. Also, contact Western Computer today to learn how you can move to a modern ERP and CRM platform to streamline your business processes and prepare for future growth.


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