How Process Manufacturers use Dynamics 365 ERP to Improve Purchase order and Invoicing Processes

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Food and beverage manufacturers work with a unique set of processes and requirements. Quality and traceability are just two aspects that legacy process manufacturing applications fail to accommodate. VicinityFood was built from the ground up specifically for formula-based food and beverage manufacturers. It addresses unique challenges and integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution to improve operations from start to finish.

One of our clients, Mother Murphy’s Laboratories, manufactures and markets food flavorings. Family-owned and operated since 1946, Mother Murphy’s has grown from mixing flavors in a drug store to the industry leader in flavor innovation. They ship flavorings and extracts to more than 30 countries globally. With their growth came a need for increased technology to automate processes, track productivity and ensure quality.

Why Use VicinityFoods For Dynamics ERP Purchase Order and Invoicing

After years of running a legacy process manufacturing application, Mother Murphy’s realized that their current system could not keep up with their growth. They looked for a solution that would more tightly integrate production with accounting and provide the real-time data their teams needed. Microsoft Dynamics is their financial core, so they wanted a solution to improve production efficiency and integrate seamlessly with their front office system.

VicinityFood is a single-food software system flexible enough to manage all food and beverage manufacturers’ daily operations. It can accommodate multiple recipes and batches, variations in ingredients and packaging, and batch tracking. VicinityFood delivers inventory accuracy to expedite decision-making and incorporates quality-control testing to ensure product excellence. It tracks finished goods and communicates with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP  to streamline and simplify your efforts.

With a flexible Microsoft platform, VicinityFood will pay dividends for years as it scales with your company’s growth. It supports third-party products, including e-commerce technology, helping you improve communication up and down your supply chain with customers, suppliers, and partners.

How Vincinity Software Improves Dynamics 365 ERP Solutions.

Mother Murphy’s Laboratories wasn’t just looking for a software product but for a partner that understood their business and would provide ongoing support. They wanted a partner relationship that would last. They recognized that Vicinity Software offered the latest process-based technology and would be an excellent fit for their operations.

Mother Murphy’s software solution was up and running in under three months. The Vicinity team handled all the data conversion from their old system and provided quick-start training. The impact on daily operations was immediate.

Mother Murphy’s team now generates sales orders in Microsoft Dynamics, and batch tickets are entered into Vicinity. Vicinity automatically updates finished goods orders and the raw materials required. Batch tickets are then posted to Dynamics, perfectly synchronizing accounting and production from materials purchasing to final project invoicing. The software does all it promised and has become a selling point for winning new business for Mother Murphys’.

Contact our experts at Vicinity Software today to learn more about VicinityFood and how it can help your process manufacturing organization.

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