Why Fabless Semiconductor Companies Rely on Tensoft SemiOps: 3 Minute Video

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Fabless semiconductor companies have some very unique requirements, which is why Tensoft developed its Fabless Semiconductor Management solution. But one thing that they have in common with many other companies is the tendency to have separate silos of information throughout the company. We've created a short video to illustrate how this happens, what results, and how Tensoft SemiOps helps.

View the video here:

For those who may prefer to read the video script instead, I've included that below too:

Some days do you feel like you're surrounded by separate, impenetrable siloes of information at your semiconductor company? Looking around you at the systems and processes that may work for one department - but not for the whole company - do you sometimes wonder: "How can we succeed with such limited resources?" or "Will we ever be able to deliver on time?" or "Why can't we scale efficiently?"

In its earlier days, it may have been enough for each department at your company to have its own growing silo of information. Operations created a vast Access database to do its WIP tracking, which soon filled up their silo. Accounting's silo brimmed with data from splendid Excel spreadsheets. And in their silo, Customer Service's shipping processes were tracked here and there - and yet again over here.

But soon, Operations found that they needed better insight into product costs and visibility across supplier systems. And Accounting found that growth and customer expectations put strains on their ability to get the information that they needed from other departments' silos. And Customer Service found that on-time delivery became harder and harder without visibility into what was going on overseas.

So how can you turn miscommunication, data redundancy, limited visibility and lack of controls into synchronization, integration, transparency, and a single version of truth?

Tensoft SemiOps has helped over a hundred semiconductor companies do just that. Built just for this industry, no other solution comes close to the fit Tensoft SemiOps provides for your needs. An end-to-end ERP, manufacturing execution, and supply chain system, Tensoft SemiOps can be deployed quickly, for a fast return on your investment.

With industry optimized features like worldwide inventory management, supply and demand analysis, product costing, forward and backward lot genealogy drilldown, WIP tracking, historical reporting, supplier integration and much more - all conveniently delivered in the Cloud.

With Tensoft SemiOps, your Operations, Accounting and Customer Care teams share and access information from a centralized point, ensuring control and visibility into your supply chain, enabling you to build the right materials, and helping your company grow and scale as quickly as needed. All in one big happy silo!

By Caprice Murray, Tensoft, a Silicon Valley-based Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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