Demand Forecasting Revolutionized with AI, Pivot Forecasting and Dynamics 365 ERP

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Business today is complicated, and you need a clear picture of the road ahead to avoid obstacles. You can’t afford inaccurate forecasts. Do you spend countless hours juggling data so you can make strategic decisions for your company? Netstock’s Pivot Forecasting® is the solution to demand forecasting.

Pivot Forecasting is a robust, AI-infused, ML-based predictive forecasting engine that can help you plan your business trajectory and reach your goals. Multidirectional forecasting options ensure that you use your collaborative data best for accurate business predictions. Now, even small and mid-sized businesses can have enterprise-level forecasting capabilities.

For example, one of our clients, Paul Soderbloom, is Demand Planning Manager at Edward Garments. He tells us that in the apparel industry, one pair of pants may have hundreds of available sizes options when you look at all waist and inseam measurements. They use the statistical models and algorithms in Netstock’s Pivot Forecasting at the product level and then apply historical averages to develop forecasts down to the SKU level.

Why Pivot Forecasting for Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Advanced forecasting is necessary for businesses to compete in today’s marketplace. Pivot Forecasting addresses pain points, such as seasonal variations and market fluctuations.

So, let’s discuss some of the ways companies benefit from Pivot Forecasting and Dynamics 365 ERP:

1. Enhanced group-level forecasting

If your company needs forecasting based on style, color, size, or other group levels, Pivot Forecasting allows you to choose flexible hierarchy options and work in any unit of measure. Forecast bottom-up, top-down, or middle-out for individual items. Get more accurate predictions for each group level.

2. Strategic forecasting by demand planners

Multiple demand planners are often required to work on forecasts simultaneously. Pivot Forecasting allows each demand planner to build a forecast and then aggregate it into the overall report for replenishment recommendations.

3. Empowered collaboration

Often planners must work individually, sharing forecasts in Excel spreadsheets to get input from colleagues or customers. Pivot Forecasting allows them to work collaboratively while keeping each person’s data separate.

4. Differentiated forecasting

Some clients and channels are more in need of strategic forecasting than others. Pivot Forecasting allows you to forecast separately for key groups and aggregate the results to create a replenishment plan.

5. Improved forecasting for unique circumstances

Certain events, like promotions, seasonal variations, trends, etc., must figure into your planning. Pivot Forecasting allows you to identify such events and save their data for future forecasting.

6. Specified promotional forecasting

Pivot Forecasting allows you to assign a predictable forecast to certain promotional events. Pivot looks at past events and automatically manages promotional forecasts. AI machine learning capabilities help companies extrapolate from historical events.

7. Increased control over your forecasting

Pivot Forecasting lets users adjust parameters and apply computer-generated forecasting to various products. You have a  level of control that ensures greater accuracy and increased precision in your forecasts.

8. Involvement of your finance department

For businesses using S&Op and IBP approaches, involving all departments in the forecasting process is crucial. Pivot Forecasting allows companies to include finance in the forecasting process. That ensures the results align with your financial realities and goals.

9. Effective weekly forecasting

For companies that operate weekly, Pivot Forecasting is a valuable management tool. It makes weekly forecasting possible.

The Pivot Forecasting functionality provides a user-friendly way to analyze forecast data at any detail level. Statistical forecasting will significantly enhance your ability to plan for seasonal demand.

Paul Soderbloom continues, “The Pivot Forecasting function in Netstock gives us the flexibility to forecast our products at many different levels. The forecasting options are endless, whether looking at the lowest item level, product group, customer group, or sales trends.”

Netstock’s forecasting solution offers unrivaled depth, interactivity, and intuitiveness. Its near-zero integration and out-of-the-box pre-configured dashboards make implementations quick, easy, and cost-effective.

Inject predictability into your supply and demand planning process, and predict future outcomes of events and promotions across products, customers, and categories.

If you are ready to master your demand planning, Pivot Forecasting is a game-changer. To learn more about Netstock’s Pivot Forecasting, contact our experts at Netstock.

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