Accurate Forecasting for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

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Consumer packaged goods companies face a lot of challenges. They must deal with fluctuating consumer preferences, global supply chain interruptions, and an uncertain economy. The ability to adjust quickly to such changing circumstances will affect your business outcomes. Accurate forecasting is key to the agility you'll need to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

Before automation, companies traditionally relied on Excel spreadsheets or manipulated data offline. Perhaps you are still using some of these methods. If so, you've probably noticed some of these problems:

  • Repeated stockouts and backorders resulting in lost revenue and frustrated customers
  • Devaluation of goods due to expiration, deterioration, theft, transit damage, changing market demands, etc.
  • Delayed deliveries to customers resulting in brand depreciation and customer attrition

Technology can help with all of these problems and more. The appropriate software solution will help you forecast and predict inventory levels more accurately. It can also help you deal with disruptions by finding alternative sources and products as well as streamlining the location of resources. Reliable forecasting enables you to make strategic decisions for your business and ensure you always have suitable goods stocked at the correct times and places.

Winning at forecasting with technology

Learn more by watching this OnDemand Webinar presented by Microsoft and Western Computer.

Western Computer offers the most advanced Microsoft Dynamics tools to help consumer packaged goods distributors forecast accurately. The result will be orders fulfilled on time every time.

These modern systems are analytical in their ability to sort and present data, enabling you to make intelligent decisions in the face of changing circumstances.

Western Computer partners with its Microsoft Dynamics clients to develop strategies to supercharge consumer packaged goods companies and help them succeed.

We offer solutions aimed at:

  • Intelligent forecasting
  • Advanced warehouse capabilities (RFID scanners)
  • Proactive stock transfer planning
  • Prioritized inventory allocation

These tools are designed to help consumer packaged goods distributors in three significant ways:

Simplified forecasting across diverse products

Distributors must deal with increasingly complex and differentiated product sets. And new products require new distribution models. Technology tools such as Dynamics 365 with predictive analytics—simplify complicated forecasting across product sets and channels.

Accurate data for up-to-date strategic decisions

With technology from Microsoft and Western Computer, you can accurately predict inventory. There will be no more guessing and hoping for the best. You'll know exactly where you stand. Today's technology empowers you with insight down to granular levels into what you have in stock and what and when you need to reorder. Do you deal with seasonal spikes in demand or dry seasons? Using data and analytics, your Dynamics 365 solution gives you real-time forecasting and the power to make inventory decisions well in advance. No more overstocks or understocks, no more wasted inventory or unsalable goods.

Improved Sales 

Forecasting also benefits your sales team. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps improve opportunity and pipeline management by gathering and assembling end-to-end sales data and funneling it into predictive analytics models. You'll get an accurate, real-time picture of your organization's performance so you can accurately forecast sales revenue and establish sales targets. Your sales team gets valuable insights and recommendations based on accurate data to achieve their goals.

Leverage Western Computer's expertise for robust, accurate forecasting

Using advanced technology tools from Microsoft is essential for today's consumer packaged goods distributors, but so is working with a partner that knows your industry. Western Computer has deep expertise in your field, and we've been helping businesses like yours move away from limiting, traditional forecasting methods for years. We have seen the effects of the right software solutions on distributors' success, and we'd love to show you how they can transform your organization's growth, too. Get in touch with us today.

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