5 Indications It's Time to Upgrade Your ERP

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Technology is constantly changing. Growing businesses can't maintain their competitive edge with outdated technology. If you implemented your ERP solution years ago, you are probably missing out on the advances in the field. Even if you've kept up with updates, it may be time to consider an ERP upgrade to stay current and take advantage of the latest value-added functionality. How can you know when it's time to upgrade your ERP solution?

A modern ERP solution will automate your processes, facilitate business operations, and enable greater collaboration, communication, and decision-making. It will also improve security, boost productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction.

So how do you judge when it's time to upgrade your ERP? We've identified these five warning indicators:

1. Your legacy system is not cloud-based

There are many drawbacks to an on-premises ERP solution. If you store your data in a private server, you risk loss if your server crashes. That can happen during natural disasters, technical glitches, or security breaches. You'll also be responsible for any updates or upgrades, which can be expensive and interruptive.

Cloud-based ERP solutions protect you against data loss with advanced data security and regular data backups. Your cloud provider is responsible for all updates and upgrades they perform automatically and outside business hours.

Your teams will have full access (with permissions) to the data they need anytime, anywhere. And disaster recovery will get you up and running quickly.

2. Your ERP solution does not integrate with our other business systems

Modern ERP solutions come with enhanced integration options and excellent compatibility. If your ERP solution doesn't interface with your other systems and applications, your workflows and processes won't operate efficiently. When all your systems work seamlessly together, you'll see fewer errors and improved productivity.

3. Your ERP solution is no longer supported

Software has an EOL (End-of-life) point after which it will no longer get updates or fixes from the software developer. Once the software reaches its EOL, it is considered to have finished its product life cycle. It may continue to function for a while longer, but there will be problems down the road.

Your technology partner can keep your software running, but only up to a point. Support services may keep you going, but they cannot offer the innovations and functionality you need to continue to compete.

4. Your software lacks features that have become standard

It may seem difficult to change to an upgraded version of your ERP solution, but your outdated software will hinder you as your company grows. You'll miss out on cutting-edge features and higher-level functionality. Also, updated technology offers better protection against security threats.

Embracing the latest ERP innovations will deliver a secure, seamless user experience, leading to increased productivity and profit.

5. Your company is expanding

As your business grows, users, processes, and contracts increase. Consider using integrated AP/AR automation or budgeting software that works with your ERP and can scale with your growth to manage increased business and customer relations without delay or interruption.

Are you ready to upgrade your ERP?

If we've convinced you that an upgrade will be in your best interests, there are a few things you might consider.

  • Examine your company's needs

    Identify your essential tasks and the features most valuable to your team. Figure out your "must haves," "can live withouts," and "optionals."

  • Assign an evaluation team

    Ask your team to research what software best fits your upgrade demands. Also, consider fundamentals such as price, size, storage capacity, etc.

  • Understand the total financial commitment

    Don't be caught off guard by the price of the upgrade. Nail down a firm estimate before starting the implementation project. Don't forget to consider potential costs for training and ongoing support.

  • Choose a trusted software partner

    Ensure your partner has deep industry experience, verifiable references, and the time to offer you high-level personal attention, training, and support.

It can be challenging to know when to modernize your ERP. Paying attention to the five warning signs can help you decide when it's time. So can a trusted ERP implementation partner.

Express Info is a top-rated ERP implementation and upgrade partner with experts on staff to help you through each stage of your journey. Express Info has an implementation success rate of 100%, speedier deployments than the industry average, and a 96% customer retention rate. We offer certified expertise in Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Contact Express Info to make your next technology leap seamless.

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