The Key to a Profitable Relationship with Dynamics 365 Customers

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While Digital Adoption encompasses many processes and specialized tools, another important aspect of improving the utilization of your technology stack is to become involved in the community surrounding Dynamics 365.

In a new episode of the Digital Adoption podcast, hosted by Microsoft Dynamics MVP Rick McCutcheon and ClickLearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher, we interview Tom Doran, CMO of Innovia Consulting and a board member of the Dynamics User Group (DUG), to get his take on the benefits users receive from being part of the community, and the role partners play as well. Read on for the highlights of the show and find a link to the podcast where you can listen to it in full.

Connecting Users with the Dynamics 365 Community is the Key

Whether you call it digital adoption or digital transformation, at the end of the day, it's a journey for an end user that's moving from an older system, such as spreadsheets, or even paper, to a comprehensive software solution. Dynamics 365 partners are trying to help their customers compete in a changing world economy with global supply chains and global marketplaces.

A Dynamics 365 partner recognizes that educated users that can be self-sufficient are happier users and ultimately stick with the product longer. As such, the partner plays a key role in guiding users to the Dynamics community, showing them that it's users helping users, and encouraging them to get involved, as it’s totally free for them.

Partners can help end users get established in the community. As an example, you can take note of users that have done something unique with their system, something that would benefit other users. Highlight speaking opportunities and show them how they can give back to the community as well. Naturally, many are nervous their first time participating at that level, but here is where the partner again has the opportunity to step up, help them prepare the session, and get on stage with them. From there, most take off and become immersed in the community.

Don’t Sell at Community Events – Provide Value

User group meetings are not the proper forum for sales pitches. Rather, they are excellent opportunities for sharing tips and tricks, networking, and gaining insight into how the users are leveraging the products you sold them, as well as learning how you can better meet their needs.

For example, rather than plan a presentation about a product or add-on, interviews with customers highlighting how they’ve put it to unique uses and how it has benefited them provide much more value to the audience and are much more impactful in the long run.

As a result, rather than sending members of the sales or marketing teams, partners should instead focus on getting the implementation team to these community events. The wealth of knowledge they can share, and the insight they will gain into customer needs and usage, is worth far more.


The Dynamics community is a powerful resource for both users and partners. It can help customers get the most out of their investment, while helping partners gain valuable insights that will help them better fill the needs of their customers and cultivate long-term relationships.

To find out more about the Dynamics User Group, visit their website. Also, to learn more about creating a profitable customer relationship, listen to the full podcast.


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