Sales Order Management in Dynamics GP & Shopify Integration

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Integrating Dynamics GP with Shopify can streamline Sales Order processing and help businesses improve efficiency and accuracy. Sales Order Management in Dynamics GP & Shopify integration involves web order creation in GP and updating its fulfillment status after processing. In addition to this if the business follows the payment authorization then financial status updating is also a part of order management. Having Integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and also reduces the risk of errors.

Configure Settings for Sales Order:

Before creating sales orders in GP make sure the mappings are done for tax, payment, and shipment according to your business needs. x2x Integration provides a section for tax mapping, shipment mapping & payment mapping to accommodate correct web order information in GP.

Order Status for Creation:

According to the business requirement integration allows downloading the orders in GP with particular financial & fulfillment statuses. x2x Integration gives users the flexibility to select the appropriate status for downloading/creating orders.

Order Creation/Synchronization:

Once an order is placed on Shopify, the integration tool will create a sales order in Dynamics GP.  With x2x Dynamics GP & Shopify Integration create a Shopify Order in GP with accurate information. This includes customer information, order details, shipping information, and payment information according to shipping mapping & payment mapping.

Automate Order Creation:

With the x2x integration in place, automatically create Shopify Orders in Dynamics GP by Scheduling the process. Set the scheduler according to your desired interval to create/download orders in GP accordingly.

Order fulfillment & Invoice Upload:

After order creation and processing in Dynamics GP the next step is to update the status on Shopify. With x2x Integration update the fulfillment status and financial status in case of authorization with a simple click. Order tracking information also updates to Shopify.

By integrating Dynamics GP and Shopify for sales order management, reduce data redundancy & manual data entry, improve accuracy & efficiency. As a result, increase customer satisfaction and empower resources  to focus on growing the business operations. End-to end Order Management is just one part of x2x Dynamics GP & Shopify comprehensive Integration Solution. To know more about x2x Integration Solution do connect with us.

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