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Let’s be realistic; reporting is nobody’s favorite task. Consumer packaged goods distributors are familiar with the endless spreadsheets and columns of data involved in reporting and analytics. And all those rows of data are meaningless unless your team can figure out what they mean for your business. Manual reporting makes it that much more difficult. In addition to the risk of error with manually entering and reentering data, you’re probably also dealing with:

  • The difficulty of making decisions when the correct numbers are elusive
  • Unexplained declining sales rates
  • Siloed data making it hard to collaborate across departments
  • Lack of clarity regarding KPIs (Key Performance Indicators.)
  • Inadequate reporting of profitability

Manually entering data, prices, etc., can leave you in data darkness and hinder productivity. Not having accurate real-time data constantly available will keep you from competing successfully and maintaining growth and profits.

But the good news is that there is a solution, a software solution, to the problems of consumer packaged goods reporting and analytics.  At Western Computer, we’ve worked with distributors to address their unique issues. Our clients who deal in consumer packaged goods have had great success with Microsoft Power BI 

How Power BI can help 

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Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that combine to turn your unrelated data sources into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.  Business analysts commonly use the platform, but it is also pointedly designed to be easily accessible for those without specialized data knowledge. Empower your people to monitor performance, identify opportunities and trends, and take action from any device or location.

As part of your overall technology stack, Power BI empowers your team to make decisions for your company based on today’s data—not last month’s reports. Power BI will automatically consolidate data from various internal and external sources, whether Microsoft or not. Dashboards allow you high-level overall views, or you can drill down into detailed data from your warehouse, inventory, vendors, etc.

You’ll have visibility into sales activities with automatically generated reports. See your sales team’s new leads and how they impact each lead during follow-up activities.

You can slice and dice your data in any way that makes sense for your business. The solution delivers multiple permutations and views.

You can easily change the dashboard views to see inventory value by site, inventory turns, value by item group, or other criteria. Financial reporting is more manageable and less time-consuming, delivering precise, transparent data you can use.

Transform your decision-making at every level. Real-time reporting enables your team to:

  • Identify which goods are affecting your margins in given ways
  • Detect any downward trends quickly so you can take immediate corrective action
  • Provide insight to your sales team regarding their effectiveness, thus helping them increase profits.

With Power BI, your team’s real-time dashboards reveal:

  • Inventory levels for weeks out
  • Identification of product returns
  • On-time rates for PO delivery
  • Percentage of stockouts
  • The company’s margins by product
  • The efficacy of your promotions
  • The efficiency of your data management
  • The tools for tracking shipping and logistics costs accurately

How Western Computer can help

 Western Computer will help you leverage your Power BI solution to get the most actionable insights from your data. We’ll guide you as you learn to perform various functions in the software. View invoice settlement details, track your fixed assets, and view vendor transaction history at the order and line level. Visibility into your business will expand rapidly as we help you maximize your investment in Power BI. You’ll quickly see KPIs like true landed costs, real-time margin numbers, the productivity of warehouse employees, and customer satisfaction.

Our years of experience have helped consumer packaged goods distributors transform their reporting and analytics and make smarter decisions. We’ll work with you to make your transition to cloud-based, modern technologies as smooth as possible. Contact our experts at Western Computer to learn more about the possibilities for your reporting and analytics.

By Western Computer, www.westerncomputer.com 

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