Overcoming Time Tracking Challenges with TiM and Dynamics 365

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There is a never-ending struggle between consultants and managers. “Fill out your timesheet!”, says the manager. And then comes the litany of excuses. “It’s in a different system; I can’t right now.” Or, “It’s too hard.”

We’re not putting down consultants – in fact, we empathize with them. Tracking time on a timesheet isn’t natural. IT’S HARD! That’s why we found a way to make time tracking simple and easy, and we developed TiM – Time Is Money to relieve this pain point for organizations both large and small.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the problems consultants have with traditional time-tracking tools, and how TiM solves them.

Common Time Tracking Pain Points in Dynamics 365

“I have to go into a different system.” Most time tracking solutions are standalone applications, requiring an interruption in the user’s workflow to deliberately open another application, sign in, perform operations, and then minimize it to continue working. Understandably, this reduces productivity and makes time tracking feel like a burden.

TiM takes a different approach. It lives inside Microsoft Outlook, the application that nearly every professional has open all day long. Rather than adding another step to a user’s workflow, it requires just 2 clicks from your Outlook calendar to register what you’ve accomplished, without breaking stride.

“It’s too hard.” Most of us don’t run around with a stopwatch in our hands, clocking every activity and recording it. We don’t normally see time as a grid with numbers; most view it as groupings of boxes, and that’s why the calendar paradigm that Outlook uses is so effective. TiM works in a way that already feels natural, removing the friction that comes with having to learn a foreign concept and adapt to it.

“I just want to do my job.” Odds are, consultants in your organization weren’t hired for their prowess with paperwork; rather, they are skilled professionals that are good at what they do. We all enjoy a day where we accomplished a lot of work, but filling out forms doesn’t bring the same satisfaction, and takes time away from what we value most. TiM lets you record your activity in seconds and gets out of your way so you can keep working.

“I don’t have time.” Many professionals have their schedules so full that there just isn’t time to pause customer-facing activities to fill out a timesheet in a separate application. This is an outstanding way that TiM has your back. You’ll already be scheduling appointments in your Outlook calendar, so you’ve already done 90% of the time-tracking work. At the end of the day or week, a few clicks can pass those hours over to your billing system.

But what about all the billable time that didn’t make it into your calendar? TiM is working away in the background, silently keeping track of everything you do on your computer. Later, you can view your history, see what emails you sent and what applications you were using, and in just a few clicks, assign those activities to the appropriate clients, and you’re done.

Finally, if you have an Android phone, the TiM app will keep track of the time you spend on phone calls, letting you quickly capture even more billable time – driving revenues even higher.

“I’ll do it later.” When you get to the end of a day, you may have already lost a lot of the little things that you did for your clients, such as emails, phone calls, and other often-forgotten activities. Worse, if you fill out a timesheet only at the end of the week or month, you’re practically guessing the amount of time you spent with each client.

TiM makes it easy to avoid procrastination – if you have time to make a calendar event, you can probably spend an extra 5 to 10 seconds to make it billable time. And since TiM keeps track of your activity on your computer and your smartphone, you’ll have an instant history of your actions that will help you capture more billable time than ever before.

TiM helps professionals overcome the hardship of time tracking by making it simple and easy. It becomes like checking another item off your to-do list – an action that takes just seconds but brings great satisfaction.

Better Time Tracking in Dynamics 365 Drives Higher Revenues

Just installing TiM will turn your Outlook calendar into a well-oiled time-capturing machine. But don’t forget its powerful integration with Microsoft Dynamics that takes those billable entries straight to your customers’ invoices. Or its powerful activity tracking that helps you capture all those forgotten actions. Or the Android app that makes sure your phone calls make it on the list as well.

More captured time equals more billable hours. More time billed means higher revenues. It’s a simple equation.

Are you interested in increasing your revenues with software that pays for itself? Contact us today to learn more about how TiM can keep both consultants and managers happy and productive – and never worry about timesheets again.


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