Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges with Dynamics 365 BC and Netstock:

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How we do business has changed dramatically in the past few years, and companies are strategizing to remain competitive. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) is an all-in-one ERP solution, easy to implement and use and designed for small and mid-sized companies. It covers all your business processes from finance to purchasing, warehouse management to general and advanced reporting. Netstock is a robust supply chain solution to enhance your Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Unlock your supply chain data with Netstock and Dynamics 365 BC. Netstock extracts and analyzes the data in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, creating prescriptive recommendations to make intelligent supply chain planning decisions for your business.

One of our clients, Aquatic AV, reduced its inventory holding by over $1 million and improved its customer fill rate from 79-99%.

Aquatic AV works with more than one hundred manufacturers worldwide to provide waterproof audio-visual equipment. They distribute their products to over 700 authorized dealers, including marine, power sports, and motorcycle companies.

Aquatic AV is a relatively small business but customers in various industries and locations. Their products range from raw materials to finished goods. Their legacy ERP couldn’t keep up with their growth and the complexity of their requirements. So, they switched to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.

The challenges

But, there were challenges. They were using spreadsheets and Dynamics 365 BC’s basic reports to manage inventory. Because they owned multiple global warehouses and some products were seasonal, they needed a more customized approach. Implementing Netstock helped them gain complete visibility of their inventory, and they could drill into their individual warehouse figures as well as their combined inventory.

As is true for many organizations recently, Aquatic AV had trouble getting product components. Lead times were long, and in panic, customers ordered larger quantities or sometimes substituted products. Integrating input from their sales team and Netstock reporting helped them adjust forecasts accordingly. Skewed sales data would have been a problem. Their data needed to be transparent and reliable. They found they could trust the data Netstok generated.

Benefits and ROI of Netstock for Dynamics 365 BC

Aquatic AV credits Netstock for its ability to reduce its inventory while simultaneously improving its customer fill rate within the first year. With excellent visibility, they can identify slow-moving items and alert their sales team to concentrate on selling them. They can see lead times on individual products from specific suppliers.

Now Dynamics 365 BC  and Netstock help Aquatic AV track serial numbers more accurately. Taking data from Netstock and using it in SQL, Tableau, BI, or  Excel is valuable for any company. See what you want to see in a logic that represents your business. And processes that might take several hours can be completed with Netstock in 30 minutes with all the information your company needs. Netstock continually adds new features and functions to its application, and its customer onboarding, training, and ongoing support are excellent.

How to Use Netstock for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.

1. Import from Microsoft Dynamics

Netstock connects in minutes regardless if your Microsoft Dynamics ERP is on-premise or in the cloud.

2.  Preview your data

Netstock will quickly identify where you have excess stock or potentially going to stock out.

3.  Start optimizing inventory

Experience the benefits of optimal inventory levels within days of installation.

Netstock delivers predictive solutions so you can confidently respond to change, make faster supply chain planning decisions, and offer exceptional customer service.

If you’d like to talk about your unique supply chain challenges and identify how Netstock can help you unlock operating cash and accelerate business growth, contact a Netstock consultant for a personalized demo.

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