Order Fulfillment: Overcoming the Challenges with Dynamics ERP

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There’s nothing more important to your business than your customers. And there’s nothing more important to your customers than their orders, fulfilled quickly and accurately. To compete with the giants like Amazon, distributors must overcome formidable challenges to increase the speed and accuracy of their order fulfillment.

The right software technology will help you streamline your processes to avoid stockouts, backorders, penalties, late deliveries, and lost customers. Broken delivery promises will hurt your company’s reputation, which often depends on customer satisfaction. So, let’s talk about how your organization can win at order fulfillment.

How the Cloud supports excellent order fulfillment

At Western Computer, we’ve partnered with Microsoft to bring powerful cloud-based solutions to consumer packaged goods distributors. Introducing automation into your business processes with a modern, robust ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 will remove obstacles that may impede your delivery time and accuracy.

Here’s how you can improve your order processes with the right tools from Western Computer and Microsoft:

Integrated data sources for better visibility 

To improve order fulfillment, you need a high-level view of your inventory and a deep dive into the particulars. Western Computer and Microsoft Dynamics 365 provide cloud-based ERP technology that combines intelligence from all relevant data sources in your business. Armed with your data presented in an actionable, meaningful way,  you’ll have the insight to make smarter decisions about inventory and order fulfillment needs. Your warehouse team will see what they need to pack and ship—and in what order. Meanwhile, your sales team will be alerted if they need to contact customers about a change.

More efficient back office and inventory management operations

A bottlenecked back office held up by manual, outdated processes can delay order fulfillment. Cloud-based ERPs like Dynamics 365 will streamline data exchanges between your e-commerce platform and ERP system. Optimizing check-in and check-out processes for warehouse items will reduce errors, overstocks, backorders, and delayed shipments.

Connected tools 

Integrating tools such as scanners with your cloud-based ERP system will allow your warehouse team to verify product shipments quickly and accurately.

Improved  customer experiences 

Customers today want an experience that is efficient yet personalized. Cloud technology helps you improve your customers’ e-commerce experience with more accessible, intuitive self-service options. Customers will feel more in control if they can track their orders. They’ll appreciate the shopping experience and develop loyalty to your brand.

Expanded E-commerce 

The quicker and more accurately you fill orders, the stronger your e-commerce presence will become. You can stop focusing on issues related to inventory and order challenges and start focusing on expanding your global e-commerce footprint.

Why Western Computer? 

Our experts at Western Computer are skilled professionals who understand the nuances of the consumer packaged goods distribution industry. We can help you achieve your goals with your Microsft Dynamics ERP solution. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’ll get:

  • Optimized order management
  • Availability to promise
  • Pick, pack, and ship (within ERP)
  • Pick-to-order
  • Advanced container tracking with 365ContainerImport
  • 3PL integration
  • Vendor Portals

We work with your business to provide the expertise and technology that give you a competitive edge. Contact us today to learn how we can help you take your order fulfillment into the cloud—and on to the next level.

By Western Computer, www.westerncomputer.com


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