How Catapult and Jet Analytics Can Solve Your Business Central Data Migration Woes

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Are you thinking of moving your business from a Legacy NAV or GP ERP solution to Dynamics 365 Business Central? There are plenty of compelling reasons to make the switch, including the advantages of a native cloud-based infrastructure, a responsive web-based interface, and the integrated Power Platform. And, while you’re probably aware of these benefits, you may be hesitant to make the move due to the perceived difficulty of accessing historical data. It's one of the most frequent concerns we encounter from businesses reluctant to move forward with the upgrade. Fortunately, with our team of experienced consultants and the power of Jet Analytics, our partner software, your business can upgrade to Business Central AND easily access the data you need without undergoing the hassle and expense of a complex data migration process.


The Trouble with Data Migrations

Previously, to generate reports based on historical data from your legacy system, you had to transfer that data into your new Business Central solution through a migration process. This process could be a daunting, lengthy, and expensive affair, depending on how intricate your legacy solution was. Consequently, many businesses had to weigh the significance of incorporating historical data into their new Business Central reports against the cost and duration of the migration process. Typically, some compromises had to be made.


How Jet Analytics Can Help

Catapult partners with a select group of trusted software companies, including Jet, to help us expand Dynamics 365's capabilities and address our customers' specific requirements. Jet Analytics is a cutting-edge financial and business reporting platform designed explicitly for use with D365. It boosts end-user productivity by providing easy-to-use tools for creating dashboards and reports with no-code, drag-and-drop interfaces. Although Business Central offers an extensive suite of powerful reporting features, it lacks the easy-to-use self-service adaptability that Jet Analytics provides.

In addition to the more user-friendly interface, Jet Analytics can run reports much quicker than Business Central and utilize multiple data sources. By employing its own cloud-based data warehouse, Jet allows clients to store their historical legacy ERP data and new Business Central data on a managed server and effortlessly run consolidated reports across both data sources.

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The Advantage of Fast Data over Live Data

Given Jet Analytics’ use of its own data warehouse, you might be worried about sacrificing the ability to use live data in your reporting. While this is a valid concern, it’s worth asking whether you really need live data and why. In most cases, we’ve found that businesses that think they require live data actually benefit more from fast data, which is where Jet Analytics excels.

Jet Analytics may not technically use live data, but data syncs can be configured to occur as often as every five minutes. Plus, Jet Analytics reports can run significantly faster than those generated by Dynamics 365, effectively closing any potential time gap between syncs. In fact, it's not uncommon for live data reports created by Business Central to be less up-to-date than comparable reports generated by Jet Analytics due to the speed of generating reports.

This difference in reporting speed is a product of the way these two platforms have been constructed. While Dynamics 365 is designed to optimize data input and updates, Jet Analytics is focused on efficiently extracting data for analysis. This approach allows Jet Analytics to produce reports more quickly and flexibly for end-users.


Is Jet Analytics The Right Solution for Your ERP Upgrade?

To sum up, if your business is hesitant about upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central due to concerns about losing access to historical data reporting, Jet Analytics can likely ease those worries. However, every business has unique needs, and we understand the importance of properly evaluating solution requirements for a successful implementation. Our team has extensive experience upgrading legacy solutions to the Dynamics 365 cloud and our client Success Framework is specifically designed to guide mid-sized businesses towards the right decisions for their ERP implementation. If you are considering an upgrade from GP or NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central, please contact us to schedule a consultation to review your requirements.

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